ContactBook was launched in April 2018 by Logicwind - a new age techno-solutions provider that uses modern technology to create custom digital solutions for companies.

We're a tech-loving company and we use it to help businesses succeed! We are a group of passionate coders, developers and innovators who absolutely love using the latest technology to create high-end business solutions and solve workplace hurdles. With all the solutions we create and all the services we offer our aim is to help scale businesses, streamlining different work processes, boost the productivity of the team and add quantifiable value to the organisation.

The What and Why of ContactBook!

Like any other techno-enthusiasts, we adore Google. Nonetheless, there are a few areas that Google has not covered in their suite of services. One of them is that the G Suite application doesn't allow users to share contacts with other team members in the organization. We tried to find a suitable solution for our internal use and none came to mind. So, we decided to fill the gap and create our own solution. We crunched some codes, threw in some beautiful UI and created our very own contact sharing app.

For a while, the contact sharing extension was just used by us and things were good. However, we soon realised that just like us, a lot of other small and big companies are facing similar problems like us and are looking for a solution to easily share Gmail contacts. We conducted various surveys to understand the exact needs of the companies. Based on our findings, we scaled our contact sharing application for businesses and thus, ContactBook was born!

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