ContactBook for Real Estate

Designed to help real estate builders, brokers and marketplace to capture,
share and manage contacts seamlessly across all touchpoints.

What is real estate contact sharing?

A software like ContactBook for real estate enables real estate agents to create, store, and manage contacts from a single platform. Additionally, it enables the management of connections with real estate agents, brokers, sellers, contractors, and buyers. You have the ability to  group, label and keep your contacts shared with all the relevant people while managing permissions.   We are aware that in real estate, keeping the information shared and updated with all parties involved greatly decreases the time spent on having to update them manually, saving more time for other important aspects.

Why is contact management important for you?

On a daily basis, real estate professionals manage a variety of clients, properties, and paperwork. In order to ensure that they don't miss any important information about the property, real estate agents must constantly stay in touch with their clients via phone calls, emails, or SMS texts. Contact management with ContactBook helps in dealing with truckloads of databases, lead management, property listing, transactions, customer feedback, and many other things with all your touchpoints.

Benefits of ContactBook contact management for real estate

All contacts in one centralized account

Organize contacts by groups & tags

Private notes can be added to each contact

Integrating your existing contacts is easy

Contact Centralization

For contacts across various projects and teams. No
more multiple spreadsheets and storing contacts on different devices.

Contact Grouping

For different builders, agents, architects, and leads across different projects. Only share what you need to.

Manage Permissions

For different teams, managers and yourself. You can give people permission to view, edit or manage contacts.

Network Agnostic

For when you or your team members are on-site or in a place without connectivity, you can still stay connected with the ContactBook app.

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Property Managers

Mortgage brokers

Property Developers

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