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Manage contacts easily

No more messed up address books, use ContactBook for (easier management/ better networking ) Delegate contact management to your team

Tag your contacts 

You can use them to segment family, colleagues and potential clients( For a faster functioning) .You can alter these groups as per your convenience

Sharing groups

The tedious task of sharing contacts is now easier. ContactBook helps you to maintain your contacts with ease.

ContactBook assistant

Wave off the hassles of duplicate contacts and say hello to an intelligent assistant that reminds you of the minute details.

Coming soon
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Get all your contacts at one place

Add contacts from your favorite tools like Google and Microsoft or you can also export contacts from other sources and import them using csv or vcf files in ContactBook. 

More than just Contacts

Add important Notes and documents to better manage your relationships with your contacts, use ContactBook as your Personal and professional CRM.

Share contacts with your teammates

Collaborate with your team to manage contacts centrally, changes reflects for everyone on all devices. You can categorize and manage who can add or modify contacts.. 

Access contacts Anywhere

Web and mobile interface for easy access on all devices like Web, iOS, Android, Chrome & Mac, ensuring contacts are updated in real-time and always available. Mobile apps are releasing soon!

Clutter-free address book

Helps you identify duplicate contacts present in your multiple accounts and rectify them so you have a single addressbook for all your contacts.

Maintain professional relationships better

Coming soon

Check-in with people on time using reminders that are easy to set up. You will be notified on email and in the app. Connect with them on their important days like birthdays or anniversaries.

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Your data is private and safe with us!

  • Your privacy and security is always a priority for us.
  • We practice standard industry practices to store your data securely.
  • We never resell, share, or expose personal information without your consent.

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Use ContactBook on the web as well as your Android and iOS devices. Get instant access to your contacts at your fingertips.

Why ContactBook

Enable contact management faster and more efficiently than ever

Better alignment and collaboration across teams

The app syncs details about your contacts and also maintains an activity log, so that your information and profiles are always up to date.

Improved data management

You can now manage all your data in one place and take a step ahead in your management process.

Increased productivity

While the ContactBook manages the rest, you can prioritize leads and equip sellers with the information they need to close more deals and have more productive sales conversations.

Better, long-lasting relationships

Empower your team to develop and engage your network more efficiently. You can simultaneously monitor the increased productivity.

Easy access to relevant files for your contact

Bid farewell to the hustle and bustle of on-the-spot search of the files, as everything is already organized for you.

Never ask anyone for Contact Again

ContactBook will help you keep your contacts in one place without the hassle of backing up your contacts as the contacts backup are always in sync with the contacts you add.

Use case

For teams

You can keep shared contacts across your team so the relevant people always have relevant contacts access and they are updated with the latest contact details across all devices. They can further improve their productivity by enriching contacts with documents and notes using ContactBook.

For small businesses

As business owners you might be juggling to manage your contacts- with clients, suppliers, sub-contractors, team members, and more. All you  need is a full-featured contact management system that can give you more business by getting access to the right contacts to the right people at the right time.


Great tool! I have been looking for a contact management tool for a very long time and my search ended when I found this one and believe me this can make contact management more efficient and reliable.
Mehul Shah
Co-founder - Ikoverk
This application is perfectly helping me to share my contacts with my team. As I own a Digital Marketing Agency, I had many of my client's contacts that needed to be shared and ContactBook assisted me in doing that very easily and instantly. 
Ashvin Savani
CEO - Avinashi Ventures

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