in a single click

A powerful Chrome extension that captures contact details from Gmail, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram and stores them directly on ContactBook.

Turn your connections into contacts

Have new connections on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or Gmail? Fetch all the contact information you need, and add it to your ContactBook account directly.

Organize contacts in groups
Stay updated with reminders

Keep track of upcoming events, important meetings, and deadlines. Never miss an opportunity to follow up with a contact again.

Organize contacts in groups
Add context to your contacts

Never forget crucial details like how you connected or what conversation you had with a contact. Build stronger relationships with ContactBook.

Organize contacts in groups

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Better collaboration
Better collaboration
Better collaboration
Better collaboration


Don't just take our word for it – see what our users have to say about ContactBook
I used to spend hours curating my contact list manually, but ContactBook has made it so much easier. With their Google Chrome extension, I can quickly retrieve contacts when I open Linkedin on Chrome and save it to my ContactBook account with ease!
Tony Gray
ContactBook has saved me from forgetting important meetings and deadlines multiple times. The reminders feature has helped me stay on top of important follow-ups and has helped me build stronger relationships with my contacts.
Stacey Allen
ContactBook is a game-changer for anyone who needs to manage a large number of contacts. The ability to add notes and organize contacts by tags has made contact management so much easier.
Harvey Lewis
Sr. System Administrator

A powerful chrome extension that helps you extract contacts from Gmail, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.