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Do you know the reasons for Google Chrome becoming the most preferred browser?

One reason you can definitely accept is the availability of a large number of browser extensions.

Now do you know what a Google chrome browser extension is?

Google Chrome extensions are programs that you can install into your Chrome browser to modify the existing features or add more functionality to the browser.

According to Statcounter, Google Chrome accounts for about 66% of the global internet browser market share.

The web has unlimited distractions that will distract you when you are busy with your work.

Google chrome productivity extensions are important to stay focused as they can block ads, increase your productivity, help you stay organized, and save time. They can even customize your browsing experience.

Here are 9 best chrome extensions for productivity which helps you to supercharge your productivity level.

  1. Adblock
  2. Text Mode
  3. Lumin
  4. Clickup
  5. LastPass
  6. Grammarly
  7. StayFocused
  8. ContactBook
  9. One Tab

Here are 9 best Chrome extensions that will help you to boost your productivity.


If you find that the video commercials and pop up ads are disturbing you and reducing your productivity then it's time you installed Adblock. It is an advertisement blocker which blocks ads all over the web.

Adblock chrome extension automatically blocks all the popup ads on static web pages and also on video sites like Youtube. So even by mistake you will not click on spammy ads or get retargeted by the sites you visit.

You can also remove other aspects of web pages which you don't like and protect yourself from malware attacks. Adblock chrome extension allows you to set up a filter so that you can allow only a few ads which you prefer to be displayed.

By using Adblock chrome extension you can customize your browsing experience by blocking all the ads or allowing only a few through the filter. Adblock doesn't store your private information and it blocks advertisers from tracking your online behavior.

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Text Mode

Each page on the web has many images and you may not want to view all of them. You may ignore all the images but they will automatically get loaded into your browser.

The images consume a lot of bandwidth and they reduce the speed of your browsing. You need to wait till all images are loaded and in the end, you are not going to give any importance to them.

Moreover, if there is a blinking flash advertisement on the same page where you are reading the text then you will definitely get distracted.

By using the Text Mode chrome extension you can modify the design of the page you are going to view. This extension helps you view only the text and removes all other annoying images.

Though the page is modified you will find the same layout of the page and it will remain unchanged. You can easily turn off the text only mode at any time by just a click and view web pages with images.

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Lumin chrome extension allows you to view your files and email attachments without downloading them. It helps you to edit documents smartly and annotate PDF documents and images easily.

Lumin allows you to add images, texts, signatures, comments and shapes. You can do all these right from your browser. It saves your time by allowing you to fill up and sign pdf forms using markup tools without downloading them.

If you need to collaborate on a document with your team you need not email it to each team member. Lumin allows you and your team members to work on the same document at the same time.

As someone edits a document you can see the changes made by them as they are doing it. When you are collaborating you can share information with other people in your team by sending them notifications.

You can share your documents with a selected group of people and even control their access to the document. The drawing tool helps you to quickly mark something or draw and leave comnents to attract the attention of your team.

Google Drive has some limitations when you try to edit pdf files. You have to convert it to Google Docs before you edit it and it loses its original formatting. You can use Lumin extension to edit files easily without changing their original format.

Lumin integrates well with Gmail and Google Drive and allows you to view and edit pdfs easily, without downloading, with just a click.

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Clickup is an amazing chrome extension which allows you to do many things to boost productivity.

Clickup chrome extension helps to make both individuals and groups more productive in their work by consolidating tasks, documents, goals, and communication into one, all inclusive platform.

With Clickup extension you can create tasks, attach emails to tasks, save websites as tasks, capture screenshots and edit them, and track time for each task.

You can keep all documents, spreadsheets, and conversations in one place.

Clickup chrome extension enables you to create tasks instantly for your to do lists. You can add a web page, along with all the hyperlinks, to your tasks. It also allows you to take a full page screenshot of a webpage and add it to your list.

You can draw or write on the page with the editing tools so that you can refer to them later or make other people understand what you are talking about.

Clickup has a time tracker which will track the time you spend on a task or website. You can set start dates and due dates for tasks and also prioritize your tasks.

Notepad feature of Clickup enables you to note down your ideas instantly, add pictures and links and easily turn them into tasks right from your notes. You can even assign people, from your family, team or friends, to your tasks.

The rich formatting feature of Clickup chrome extension allows you to make a detailed description of each task. Clickup integrates easily with Google Calendar, Dropbox, Slack and many more apps and helps you complete your work easily.

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Everyday we log in to many websites and each one asks for a username and password. You will be using a different username and password for each account.

LastPass is an awesome password manager which saves all your usernames and passwords and keeps them safely in one place. You need to remember just one password of Lastpass and when you need to log in to a website and LastPass will do it for you for other websites.

You will no more face the problems of forgetting passwords or mistyping passwords. This helps you to log in to any website quickly as LastPass will autofill your username and password. With this extension, you will not have to click on the 'Forgot Password' button anymore.

LastPass chrome extension helps you to manage your logins and you will have a strong, unique password for every online account. LastPass checks your password security and helps you generate strong passwords to replace weak ones.

LastPass has an automatic form fill feature with which you can fill fields like name, address and credit card details in web forms. You will be able to save time as you need not type the same information again and again.

LastPass simplifies your online life and helps to prevent data breaches which happen by using weak passwords or reusing old passwords.

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Grammarly is a fantastic Chrome extension which helps you prevent critical spelling and grammar mistakes. Without Grammarly, you will have to click the check spelling and grammar button after you complete writing online.

You will be doing a lot of writing on your computer every day and it will be embarrassing when you make spelling and grammar mistakes.

Grammarly chrome extension will check for spelling and grammar mistakes and give you suggestions on style, tone and word choice to make your writing clear and mistake-free.

By using Grammarly you can be sure that your emails, documents and social media posts will be free of typos, spelling and grammar mistakes.

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StayFocused is a chrome extension which will help you stay focused on your work by restricting the time you spend on websites, like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, that waste your time.

StayFocused lets you allot a specific time duration for each day during which you can spend on these time-wasting websites. You can select all the websites which you feel are wasting your time.

StayFocused is a flexible chrome extension which lets you choose how you want to restrict these websites. You can either limit the time you spend in viewing these websites or even block them altogether.

By using StayFocused chrome extension you can configure your account to block the entire site or specific in-page content. You will be able to customize which days of the week and which hours of the day you want StayFocused to restrict you.

Once you reach your time limit while viewing the restricted websites StayFocused will block access for the rest of the day. You can always go back to the settings and remove a site from the blocked list.

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ContactBook chrome extension gives you the flexibility to create and share google contacts directly from your browser. It helps you to create new contacts while browsing by just clicking on the ContactBook chrome extension.

You will not have to copy and paste contacts from your browser to Google Contacts. ContactBook helps you in adding a contact directly from your browser and save time.

By having your Google Contacts synced with ContactBook you will find your new contact get added to your Google contacts immediately. You can even make notes or tag contacts for further reference and share contacts directly from the Chrome Extension.

ContactBook will help you to share google contacts with Gmail users directly from your Gmail. You can easily share a single label or group of labels without any trouble.

All contacts created will be synchronized across your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and desktop.

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OneTab is a very useful chrome extension which converts all your opened tabs into one single tab. It avoids clutter as all your opened tabs appear as a single tab in a list form which will help you save RAM memory.

Chrome is a minimalistic browser and when you have too many open tabs it will slow down the speed of your browser. With OneTab you can save CPU utilization and memory since you will have only one open tab.

One Tab will save all your tabs as a list on your homepage and you can keep them as long as you want. The tabs which you open in one session are grouped together.

If you want to add or delete tabs to a group you can just drag it from one group to another and keep all information in one place. You can also share or export a list of tabs and use them for future reference.

You can also create a group for a specific purpose and add a list of tabs to it. You can name the groups according to their relevance, like one for your work, one for your hobby and another for your personal work.

By grouping tabs together into a list, you will be saving nearly 95% of memory by reducing the number of open tabs. When you need to access the tabs again, you can either restore them individually or all at once.

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If you wish to be highly productive it is tough with so many distractions around you. These are the best chrome extensions for productivity that help you remain highly focused and get things done quickly by blocking out distractions.

You can choose the chrome extensions which suit you the best to stay more organized and productive.

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