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The crucial, hectic, and most important task is “Contact Sharing” Learn Group Contact Sharing and Space Contact Sharing in the easiest way.

Step 1: On your PC Go to Google Workspace Sync And Log In with your Google account using Continue with Google option.

As soon as you Sign in Your Google Contacts will directly sync with ContactBook Account and sync all your contacts with labels as groups. All contacts and labels are in sync on both accounts.

Google Contacts


Step 2: Select the group of contacts which you want to share with other people from left side panel and click on share icon.

Step 3: Enter email address of the person to whom you want to share group and hit Share.

Step 4: There are three roles Manager, Can Edit, and Can view. If you want to change roles, you can do that by going into individual groups and change role for each user.

Step 5: Wow! Your group has been shared.

Check How it look like in Shared user accounts.

It will appear in Google Contacts of shared account in some time.

This sync all contacts in Google Contacts also.



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