Google contacts chrome extension the fastest way to create and share google contacts with Gmail and G Suite users. Save time and increase productivity exponentially with chrome extension.

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Fastest contact creation

Open the extension from any page, fill in the details and save contact. If it is added to shared labels, Google contact will be shared!

Share Google Labels

Added contacts to multiple labels? You can share Google labels with Gmail and G Suite users from the extension itself.


Auto Capture Contacts

With ContactBook, you can capture contacts from any webpage. Got a contact in email? Click on that and we will create a contact. (Coming Soon)

How Google Contact Sharing Works

ContactBook - Google contact sharing app automates the process of sharing and co-editing your Gmail contacts with other G Suite team members- completely eliminating the hassle of manually doing so! You can manage shared contacts easily. You can either share a single Google contact with a single member or bulk of contacts with a group- you have complete control. You decide who can just view or edit the contacts.

On the fly google contact sharing with flexible permissions

ContactBook chrome extension helps you create and share google contacts quickly from any webpage. It also captures contacts from any webpage and lets you create contacts removing any juggling between tabs or apps. You can share contact group with Gmail and G Suite users and while doing so, you can also choose whether those users can just read those contacts or can modify and delete as well. You have complete control.

Search and connect with Google Contacts

Browse through your contacts and connect with them from any webpage. ContactBook Chrome extension provides various ways to connect with your contacts, you can email, call or whatsapp them directly. You can also use search for specific contacts

Auto bidirectional sync

Contacts which are created and shared from chrome extension will be auto-synced and reflected in all shared users’ Google Contacts. No need to worry about manually syncing the contacts anymore.

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Saves time and give direct contact details to my support team
With no direct access to the client contacts, my customer support team took way too long to log in to the CRM to update the client information. This not only took a lot of time but also resulted in a communication gap as the information was not updated in real-time. I was breaking my head trying to find a solution to this and ContactBook did exactly what I needed and it worked perfectly. It now allows my team to share and access client contacts directly from Gmail that syncs automatically.
Mehul Shah
Partner - Rashesh Shah & Co
It offered us extended address book sharing capabilities
Our company has different departments in different locations. We needed a cloud solution that adapted to our global distribution and offered us extended address book sharing capabilities. ContactBook has helped us to do that effectively. We loved the ease of the contact sharing so much that we decided to buy it in just 2 days of trial plan.
Ashvin Savani
Co-founder - Ikoverk

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