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What is digital agency contact management?

As a digital agency, it is a tough job to store every customer’s contact details to build up sales and marketing strategies and drive customer retention. And when an agency scales, it becomes essential to store all this information electronically and keep it shared with the marketing, sales, and customer service team. A digital agency contact management system helps you manage all your contacts in one place and keeps them shared and accessible across all touch points. You can organize contacts into groups, assign permissions, and share them with your team through a centralized interface.

Why is contact management important for you?

Contact management is extremely important for your business as it helps streamline the workflow and lets your team collaborate effectively. By using the best contact management tool, digital agencies can easily manage their contacts, automate daily tasks and ensure seamless communication across their team. Contact management is now easy and scalable with ContactBook. You can import all your contacts from different sources and store them in one centralized database. Since it is cloud-based, digital agencies can access, manage and share contact information from anywhere at any time. Your sales agents can set reminders for follow-ups, add important notes as references for future conversations, and much more with ContactBook.

Benefits of choosing ContactBook contact management for digital agencies

Import all your contacts into one centralized database

Improved and organized contact management with groups/tags

Add important notes to contacts for future reference

Attach relevant files or images to any contact

Easily share contacts with Gmail and G Suite team members

Set reminders to reach out to a new contact or to follow up with an existing contact

Centralized contact management

Pull all customer contact details from various sources and store them in one centralized database with cloud-based technology. Sales and support teams can access customer information from anywhere and at any time.

Streamline sales efficiency

Streamline your business processes and support your sales team by automating daily tasks like contact sharing, filtering, searching, taking down notes, setting reminders, and a lot more.

Improved internal collaboration

Improve collaboration and function as a team by allowing sales, marketing, or customer service departments in your agency to access, share, and manage contacts internally.

Assign role-specific permissions

Share contacts with the sales manager, agents, and team selectively. Assign permissions and control who can add or modify contacts.

Contact management in digital agencies is for

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Technology Officer

Chief Sales Officer

Chief Revenue Officer

Director of IT

IT Professional

Director of Finance

Director of Marketing

Support & Technical Specialist

Customer Development Manager

Client Success Manager

Public Relations Manager

Finance Operations Manager

Business Development Director

Sales Manager

Customer Success Manager


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