7 Reasons Why Choose G Suite For your Business

Neil Patel
June 5, 2019
7 Reasons Why Choose G Suite For your Business

As of January 2019, Google's G Suite is the market leader when talking about office productivity suites with a whopping 58.32% of the market share. However, Google's Gmail, Drive, Calendar, etc are individually pretty conventional productivity tools. Then why are businesses choosing G Suite over other tools?

The simplest answer is that all these individual products together form a seamlessly integrated productivity suite- G Suite (Now known as Google Workspace). In the highly competitive business environment, the multi-featured G Suite provides cutting vehicles to enhance productivity and business efficiency.

Further than that, here are Top 7 reasons why choose G Suite ( Now known as Google Workspace) for your business

1. Access Anywhere, Anytime

All G Suite applications are based on the same easily accessible cloud technology. This makes it easy for you and your team to access G Suite apps at any time and from any device, be it a tablet, mobiles or laptops (provided you have Internet access on these devices).

As a result, the wire chains are broken and your team is not bound to the computers, the desk or even the office anymore and instead can work from anywhere.

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2. Efficient Team Collaboration

The extensive and smart productivity apps from G Suite allow your team members to collaborate on the same document, spreadsheet or presentation simultaneously.

Your team members can view any edits and updates you make in the file in real-time. It allows your team to store and share data in the cloud, synchronizing files across all your connected devices. You can assign different rights on the document to different members of the team as per their roles on the project.

The built-in chat feature allows your team to brainstorm ideas and interact easily. This enables quicker communication, faster results and eliminates the need for multiple emails.

3. Data Security

Any and all data on G Suite is stored in the Google data centers all over the world. As a result, even if one or more server fails, your data is still safe and can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

As all your data is the cloud, there is little to no requirement for downloading documents on individual devices that can be easily lost, stolen or damaged. Additionally, as an administrator, you are always in control of what your team members access from G Suite on their individual devices.

Even though G Suite data security quite seriously, it is advisable to still carry out basic cybersecurity measures like 2 step verification and limited access.

4. Easy to Use & Easy Maintenance

Increasing work productivity is not just about getting high-tech tools but also about how your team is using that technology.

G Suite allows you to manage everything from an easy-to-use dashboard that will save your time and effort during the initial set up phase and also while using the system on a daily basis. As we discussed earlier, most of the people are already familiar with Google applications, thus onboarding and using G Suite apps is a piece of cake.

Most importantly, unlike most cloud-based solutions that are complex and challenging while configuring, securing and maintaining, the user-friendly G Suite infrastructure is pretty simple to maintain.

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5. Powerful Phone Apps

The requirement of mobile element for their workforce is a must for most of the organizations. G Suite with its innovative apps for Android, iOS, and other platforms helps with exactly that and more.

Well known for its minimalistic UI and hassle-free user experience combined with the seamlessly integrated mobile application, G Suite has become the preferred productivity tool for a lot of businesses worldwide.

6. Extensibility with API’s and Cloud Platform

Google is the global leader when it comes to cloud infrastructure reliability, performance, price, and resiliency. On top of being extremely effective, G Suite allows you to connect with various 3rd party applications that enhance performance and help get the work done faster with more efficiency.

7. 24/7 Support

Google offers 24/7 online support for its G Suite Users. As a member, you can access the Google support team via call, email, or chat support at any time.

G Suite moves the office culture to not only quick but efficient. A majority of business professionals already access many Google features and Apps on a regular basis. Thus, the familiar Google UI and tools make G Suite an easy change. Furthermore, the low cost, business professionality, data security and more make G Suite an ideal choice for businesses worldwide.