How to Backup G Suite Email Data

Neil Patel
August 4, 2020
How to Backup G Suite Email Data

Whether your organization is big or small you will be dealing with a large amount of email every day. You may also have to store all emails safely and retrieve them whenever necessary.

Sometimes your organization may lose emails due to human error, accidental deletions, sync errors, malicious acts or malware. You also have a chance to lose them when an account is accidentally or maliciously deleted.

Furthermore, ransomware viruses may infect your computer and cloud storage which again leads to data loss. You may be using a cloud storage system but they protect your data only to a certain extent. So it is safer to use a third-party solution to backup G Suite email data

Here are some of the most popularly used applications to backup your organization's G Suite email data.

Best Tools to Backup G Suite Emails:

  1. Backupify
  2. Systools Email backup software
  3. MailvaultZook
  4. Email backup software
  5. Spinone

1. Backupify

Backupify is a very good software to backup G Suite email data without any hassle. Backupify secures your email data by doing an automatic daily backup of entire G Suite data from Gmail, Drive, Contacts and Calendar.

It does automated data backup three times a day and you can check on the status of backup at any time from anywhere.

It will also backup and maintain all the labels created by you thus helps you save time by not having to rebuild file structures.

It helps you to quickly find data from a specific period of time and also eliminates duplicates.

It has a huge backup space which allows you to store a large amount (terabytes) of data easily.

Backupify automatically detects new users of your organization and also archives the email data of the departing employees.

The long term data storage facility in Backupify helps you to delete the accounts of users who have left your organisation but maintain their emails and documents for reference.

It allows you to possess another copy of data which is independent of Google. If by any chance Google loses your data you can still access it through Backupify.

You can easily restore data from accidentally deleted, lost and corrupted emails.

All the data you store is well protected and you can quickly recover information in case of ransomware or malware attack.

The search feature of Backupify lets you quickly search for emails by email address, contacts, file type, folders, date and time.

Backupify gives you the advantage of having an independent copy of your email data and you can access it easily when your cloud-based apps are inaccessible.

2. Systools Email backup software

Systools is an easy to backup gsuite email software that has many useful features to help the users.

It enables you to securely back up emails from all your Gmail folders along with the attachments.

You can save the backup data in any desired location of your choice without changing the integrity of the emails.

The secrecy of your confident mails remain unaltered after the backup.

You will be able to backup all your default Gmail folders and also the folders that are in the labels you created. When you backup all the folders, the folder hierarchy is maintained and you need not waste time in searching for folders.

You can also select only specific folders to backup. Systools offers you email filters with which you can backup emails of a fixed time period.

Once you backup gsuite email data Systools gives you the option to delete it from the server after a copy is saved in the desired location.

This Delete After Download feature helps you to free Gmail server space with overcrowded emails.

The Incremental Backup feature facilitates to download only the data from new emails and prevents saving the same email data again and again.

When the backup is going on you can get a live status report and a report will be generated after the completion of each backup.

At times data loss occurs when the server storage limit is exceeded but Systools allows you to recover lost data easily.

Systools will also backup Google Contacts, Gmail Calendar events and the documents in the Drive without any problem.

Systools G Suite Email Backup facility is available in six languages and you can choose your preferred language.

3. Mailvault

Mailvault is an effective and easy to use software which you can use to backup and archive emails.

Mailvault collects all your emails, both inbound and outbound, from all resources and stores them safely after eliminating duplicate emails. Through this process helps you to save disk space.

You can find all your emails neatly indexed and archived for easy and quick retrieval. Mailvault encrypts all your emails and stores them safely.

It also fingerprints all emails before archiving and sends you an alert whenever the data is tampered.

You will be able to search for emails from any email address, any user or any specific time period as it has a powerful and easy to use Google-like search feature.

You can add filters like Inbound, Outbound or All mail to your search results page and the search results can also be easily forwarded to others.

Mailvault enables you to create filters to eliminate unwanted mails from getting archived.

It moves all your old emails to secondary storage space and the new ones will be found in the primary space.

You can also search for email attachments and save the search results for future reference.

It allows you to search and restore data from multiple archives and you can restore just a single email, or entire mailboxes, over any time period. And Mailvault uses multiple methods to restore emails like converting them to compressed zip files or forwarded as original.

All your emails are grouped in Mailvault and some of them can never be deleted and you can use them for the purpose of litigation support.

Mailvault automatically builds you an email directory from the email addresses in your Gmail. Whenever the disk space reduces you will be notified of the low disk space and also get a report of daily activities. Easy search, quick retrieval of data and tamper detection are some of the distinct features of Mailvault which will help you.

4. Zook Email backup software

Zook is an effective tool for you to safely backup all your email data. You can back up and archive emails from 40+ online email services like Gmail, G Suite, Hotmail and Yandex mail.

With Zook email backup software, you can also save emails from web-hosted email accounts and cloud mail accounts. You will find it as a powerful tool to access and recover permanently deleted emails and restore corrupted emails.

Zook will enable you to convert emails from one file format to another and export Gmail to various webmail accounts.

You can migrate a single email or bulk of emails. The entire format of the emails and meta properties like Cc, Bcc, date, hyperlinks and attachments will be preserved when you backup emails.

You can easily archive webmail backups in multiple technical file formats like EML, PDF, DOC and HTML. After creating a backup of emails you can move them to different mailboxes to create a duplicate of existing email messages.

Zook also allows you to save email backups to IMAP accounts directly without losing any data.

Zook preserves your file structure and folder hierarchy by saving the emails in the same folders and subfolders as in the original structure. Before you backup emails you can sort them by their email address, subject and date range by adding filters.

You will also find an Advanced Filter option to backup only selected emails from a folder.

Zook offers multiple file naming options and you can save emails at any location you desire.

You should opt for Zook if you are looking for an intuitive user interface which can be easily understood even by non-technical users to backup email data.

5. Spinone

Spinone is a backup tool which is especially for your G Suite environment and its unique feature is it protects your data from cyber threats and ransomware.

It is a cloud-to-cloud backup platform where you can configure your security settings according to the needs of your organisation.

It is also a tool which provides you with many options to store data outside G Suite environment. Along with your Gmail data, it also provides you with options to store Contacts, Calendar, Drive and Photos in Google GCP storage, AWS S3 and Microsoft Azure.

Spinone offers you unlimited storage space and automatic backups which is configurable for one to three times a day. You can also select emails that you want to backup and you can also include or exclude specific labels.

It allows you to migrate data between accounts in and outside G Suite.

The version control and data deletion control features help you to keep each and every version of your document under your control and prevent important emails from getting deleted accidentally.

You will be able to restore the deleted data in a single click and all your restored data will be found in the same folder hierarchy as they were before being deleted. With Zook you can search your stored data quickly and recover lost data easily.

Spin one will detect all the suspicious third-party apps that access your G Suite. It also blocks all the apps that are not supposed to be used in your organization and avoids sharing your organization's sensitive data with third party users. The Lost and Found folder of Spinone will give you information about the files that were deleted.

Spinone generates weekly and monthly reports which will help you monitor the stored data and identify data loss immediately.

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Email data backup is critical to ensure that your organization doesn't lose any data. By choosing an G Suite email backup solution you can keep your inbox clean and also view older data when you need it for some reason. There are many software tools available to backup your G Suite email data easily. No matter which one you choose it is better that you do it soon to protect your data.