10 Best Gmail add-ons and extensions to enhance your email productivity

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October 27, 2020
10 Best Gmail add-ons and extensions to enhance your email productivity

Do you know that today's work environment is email centric?

According to McKinsey's analysis, an average worker spends 28% of his time in reading and answering emails. Checking emails is the first and last task you will be doing everyday before leaving the workplace.

You may feel that you are getting distracted and wasting time between checking emails and getting back to work. Even though Gmail is considered to be a powerful tool there are plenty of ways in which you can make it simpler, faster, and better. And by doing it you can save a lot of time while reading and replying to emails.

In order to boost productivity and save time, you can make use of add-ons and extensions which will extend the functionality of Gmail.

Gmail extension is a Google Chrome extension that will directly affect the function of your Gmail account.

Gmail extensions are available in the Chrome Web Store and they will help you to enhance the capabilities of Gmail and also simplify the interface. It will also help you to customize your browser experience.

Gmail add-ons are similar to extensions and they also extend the functionality of Gmail. They are available in the G Suite Marketplace and they will integrate well with your G Suite apps like Gmail, Docs, and Sheets.

They will simplify your tasks and help you to automate and streamline them.

You must know that an add-on is installed inside a G Suite app and an extension is installed in the browser.

10 Best Gmail add-ons and extensions List

1. Right Inbox

2. Checker Plus

3. Gmelius

4. MailTrack

5. Meister Task

6. Crystal

7. Grammarly

8. Digify

9. Multiforward for Gmail

10. Flowcrypt

1. Right Inbox

If you are a person who depends heavily on email for communication then Right Inbox is the best extension that will help you to complete your tasks easily.

It will enable you to schedule emails to be sent at a later time so that it will reach the recipient residing in a different time zone at the right time.

You can set reminders to reply to emails within a certain period of time. By setting reminders you will never lose track of important emails and Right Inbox will help you in following up contact by letting you know whether the recipient opened your last email or not.

If your work requires you to write and send identical emails often then you can easily use the email template feature.

The recurring emails feature will help you when you have to send the same email content over and over again at particular time intervals.

You can use the Notes feature to jot down notes and ideas about particular email details alongside the email contact without cluttering your email.

If you need multiple email signatures on one Gmail account Right Inbox helps you to flip between signatures quickly. Right Inbox will solve all the problems you face in email communication.

2. Checker Plus

Checker Plus will prove to be a great benefit to you if you have multiple email accounts and keep switching from one to another to check emails and notifications. With Checker Plus extension you can view all your Gmail inboxes in the same window.

Whenever you receive a new email Checker Plus will show you a pop up with basic details of the email. By viewing it you can decide whether you should open it immediately or read it later. As you work you will be alerted about new emails through voice notifications or text notifications which include the sender's profile picture.

The greatest benefit of Checker Plus is it supports voice notifications and it will read aloud the entire email to you and you can listen to it even when you are not looking at your Gmail inbox.

Another benefit is no matter on which page you are, you will be able to check emails from all your Gmail accounts, read, archive them or send a reply, without opening Gmail.

The pop-up mail preview window will let you to read, archive or delete an email instantly and Checker Plus supports offline views also.

The dropdown menu has many features that will enable you to turn on desktop notifications, colour code emails, and monitor Gmail labels. With Checker Plus you can seamlessly manage any number of email accounts.

3. Gmelius

Gmelius is the best extension for you if you are working in a remote team and rely a lot on emails to complete tasks. Gmelius adds many impressive features to Gmail and the best feature is its ability to customize Gmail's interface.

It enables you to create email templates and schedule emails to be sent later. You can make notes by using the embedded notes for each email and label the out-going emails automatically.

With Gmelius you can snooze emails and read them later and track the emails which you have opened. You can block email trackers and also concentrate more on your work by disabling Google's ads.

You can personalize and organize your inbox by using Gmelius. You will be able to create and send emails and manage them as tasks on shared Kanban boards.

You will be able to automate your workflow and while you are working in a team, if you are unavailable, you can delegate your emails to another member in your team.

You can create a shared inbox for your team to assign emails and the shared inbox will simplify your team's internal and external communications.

Gmelius helps you to follow up with all the emails automatically and share the crucial information from the emails with your team members. You can easily communicate and collaborate with your team members, create, schedule, and send automated email sequences and streamline your work through Gmelius.

4. MailTrack

MailTrack extension provides the best email tracking solution by offering real-time notifications and pop-ups when your emails are opened.

The greatest benefit of using MailTrack is you will be able to find out whether the emails you sent were opened or not. You will see a green check once your email is sent and another green check when your email is opened. This will really help you when you need a follow-up on your email.

When someone opens your email you will get a notification immediately and you will also know how many times a recipient has opened your mail.

You can even find out whether the links in your email have been clicked and when they were clicked. If recipient don't open your emails for more than 24 hours you can get informed about it also through a reminder.

You can view a break-down of recent activity on the emails you are tracking. By using MailTrack you can reduce the number of follow up emails and you will be able to decide the right time to contact the recipient again.

MailTrack is reliable and it will help you to track your emails very accurately.

5. Meister Task

Meister Task for Gmail is the best add-on if you convert your emails to tasks and to-do lists often.

You can create tasks directly from your Gmail inbox and automate the workflow of your team by using Meister Task.

You can move the important tasks and to-do lists right from your emails to your Kanban-style task board and organize them easily by adding unlimited sections to each board.

The subject line of the email becomes the task title and the body of the email will become the notes for the task. You can modify the task title and the notes as per your choice. You will be able to assign the task to someone, set a due date, and create checklists and tags for it.

You can apply a filter and group the tasks according to their status, due date or assignee. You will be able to view all the tasks within a project in one place.

If you have to repeat doing the same task again and again after regular intervals then you will be able to automate the task and engage yourself in doing other important work.

Meister Task appears on the sidebar of Gmail and you can view it whenever you open an email. It not only helps you to turn emails into tasks but also ensures that you don't lose important to-do lists in long email threads.

To use this add-on you must have a Meister Task account. You and your team can access the same account in real-time and collaborate on a task.

It helps you to streamline the communication between your team members by allowing them to comment, share files and track each other's progress.

Meister Task helps you to convert your emails into tasks and complete them efficiently.

6. Crystal

Crystal is an extension that will help you to write better emails and communicate in a way that is effective for that particular person. It nudges you to write emails in a language that will be appealing to the recipient.

Crystal will analyze your recipient’s online activities through their social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook. It will find out how they use and respond to language and based on the results derived it will guide you in writing a customized email to your recipient.

Crystal analyses the emails as you compose and asks you to use only those words which will suit the personality of a person. It will provide you tailored suggestions on what the email should say and what effect it will have on the recipient.

Each person has a unique personality and you can start a winning conversation only when you know someone's digital profile. Crystal helps you to do it and strengthens your relationship with clients, customers and coworkers.

By doing this you can maintain a good relationship with your contacts which will boost productivity. When you communicate with empathy you can wisely avoid misunderstandings that will hinder productivity and cooperation.

Crystal helps you to send personalized messages and improves the response rate of an email. The best feature of Crystal is you can access writing tips based on the goal of your email.

7. Grammarly

Grammarly is an amazing extension that will help you to correct critical spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in real-time as you compose an email.

Whether you are communicating with your customers or team members you must write well if you want to be understood by them. Before sending the email you should fix the typos, remove jargons and break long sentences into smaller ones so that they can be understood easily.

You may easily overlook the typos in your emails but Grammarly detects all the errors and gives you suggestions to improve your sentences.

Grammarly acts as a writing assistant and offers you specific suggestions to write clear and concise emails. It enables you to write using the perfect tone and style and fixes spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and punctuation issues.

Grammarly will alert you automatically when you forget to capitalize a name, misplace a punctuation mark or write a unclear sentence.

You will not have any contextual grammar issues in your mail as Grammarly ensures that you are using the right word for the context. Grammarly also takes care of the subject verb agreement, article use and modifier placement in your emails as you compose it.

By using Grammarly you can avoid making mistakes in your email and being judged for incorrect spellings and grammatical errors. Your emails will have more value when they are free of errors and typos.

Grammarly will help you to boost productivity by crafting perfect emails for your clients and customers.

8. Digify

Digify is an extension that helps you to track sensitive emails with important attachments and find out who has accessed the attachments. Your business will be sending many types of sensitive documents through email every day.

After sending an email you may realise that you have made a mistake by attaching the wrong file. You can unsend the attachment, even after you have sent the email, by using Digify.

It will also help you to unsend attachments when you realize that you have sent it to the wrong person. You can even program an attachment to self-destruct itself after the expiration time.

Digify will let you know who has viewed your attachments, for how long, how many times and from where. You can also choose to allow or restrict the recipient to forward or reshare the document.

Digify enables you to revoke a document which you have sent and make updates to it. You can make the attachment accessible to only a selected group of people.

If you want your email recipient to verify their email address before opening the email then you can send a password to them automatically which should be used to open the email. This makes the email more secure and you may also restrict the recipient from printing or downloading it.

By using Digify you will be able to protect your documents from cyber threats and avoid unnecessary viewing and sharing of your sensitive documents. Digify helps you to track your emails and have complete control over the attachments.

9. Multiforward for Gmail

Multiforward extension helps you to forward multiple emails in one click. You can do it easily regardless of how many emails you have in your inbox. You can do it very quickly just like forwarding a single email.

Multiforward is a very useful and time saving tool when you have to forward emails regarding a project from your inbox to your team members.

You will not be able to find a feature in Gmail that allows you to forward multiple mails at the same time to one or multiple people.

By using Multiforward you can easily forward any number of emails to one or many email addresses in just one click. It also helps you to migrate all emails from one account to another new account regardless of how many emails you have in that account.

Multiforward is a handy extension to share multiple emails quickly, save time, and complete tasks effortlessly.

10. Flowcrypt

Flowcrypt is a handy extension that encrypts all your emails and attachments using OpenPGP, an end-to-end encryption system that uses the public and private key system.

Gmail provides you with a built-in feature to send confidential emails but you may need to be extra careful about your emails if you feel that they may get intercepted and read by someone before they are opened by the recipient.

If you are worried about sending sensitive emails with important attachments over Gmail then you should use the Flowcrypt extension. You don't need to have any knowledge of cryptography to use Flowcrypt and it also enables you to use digital signatures.

Flowcrypt encrypts your emails in a few seconds and ensures all your emails and attachments are delivered to the recipient without being read or altered by a cyber attacker.

If the recipient of your email is not using Flowcrypt or any other encryption tool then you can set a one time password for the email.

All your sensitive emails are secure when you have Flowcrypt and it also enables you to receive encrypted emails directly.

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Email productivity plays a big part in the success of your business. You must develop your own email productivity system so that you can stay more focused on your work and save time.

Gmail has become an integral product in today's professional environment but to enhance productivity and increase performance you have to use apps, add-ons and extensions which integrate perfectly with Gmail.

You should install extensions and add-ons depending on what you are trying to accomplish within your organization. You will be able to enhance productivity, stay more organized, look more professional, and grow your business.


Q. Are Gmail add-ons and extensions safe to use?

A. Generally, Gmail add-ons and extensions are safe to use as long as you download them from reputable sources and use them responsibly.

Q. How can I manage my Gmail add-ons and extensions?

A. To manage your Gmail add-ons and extensions, go to the Gmail settings menu and click on the "Add-ons" or "Extensions" tab. From there, you can view and manage all the add-ons and extensions you've installed, including disabling or removing them if necessary.

Q. Are there any free Gmail add-ons or extensions available?

A. Yes, there are many free Gmail add-ons and extensions available in the Gmail add-ons store and the Chrome Web Store. Some popular free add-ons and extensions include Boomerang for Gmail, Grammarly for Chrome, and Mailtrack for Gmail.