7 Best Google Docs Add Ons

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December 8, 2020
7 Best Google Docs Add Ons

“A Little Extra” we all love it when we get more than desired, isn’t it?

If you are one of those 1 billion people who are using Google Docs then you are going to love these extra add-ons offered by Google Docs!

Many of us are using Google Docs but are we utilizing it with maximum potential? There are several best google docs add ons that are going to make your professional life easy and save a bundle of time.

Just as the name suggests these add ons are incorporated to do value addition. If you are using Google Docs, why don’t you try these add ons that are best to improve and upgrade your experience of using Google Docs?

Sometimes we miss out on the best add-on for Google Docs because we are not aware of those add ons or we don’t know how to use or incorporate those add ons.

So we have shared tricks on How to insert the google docs plugin and List out the best google docs add ons for you!

No matter whichever field you are in, we have shortlisted the 7 Best add ons for google docs that will be beneficial to you irrespective of your work background.

What are google docs add-ons?

For those who are not aware of what are add ons; here’s a brief:

Google Docs Add-ons means extra features that add sort of new features and functionalities to your existing Google Docs.

The purpose of an add-on is similar to that of a browser extension to gain additional features.

The place to find these additional features is G-Suite MarketPlace, now known better as Google Workspace Marketplace.

How To Insert Google Doc Add-Ons?

It is simple and easy. You have to follow 3 steps and it's done!

If we do not use these add ons, we might invest more than the required time in a few tasks, so incorporating add ons is a need of an hour.

Follow these 3 steps to get Google Docs Extension:

  1. Open your existing or new Google Doc from the Menu Bar.
  2. Click on the ‘Add-ons’ menu and then select ‘Get add-ons’. This will open a separate tab of the ‘Google Workspace Marketplace’.
  3. Out of all the Add Ons available, you can select the one you need or like. Click the blue ‘Install’ button. The add-on will be installed in your Google document.

Pro Tip: You should always select an add on, after reading its detailed description. In the brief, you will find all the necessary data related to that particular add on and then you can easily decide whether that add on is essential for you or not.

We also have curated a list of Gmail add ons which can be helpful for you to use Gmail with it's full potential.

7 Best & Popular Add Ons for Google Docs:

1. Google Keep!

It is a note-keeping application also available in a web version that is a perfect extension for those who are looking for a convenient and effective way to organize their task.

Also, it has varied options like a checkbox to tick the work or task that is complete.

You can assign tasks by adding notes in their Google Keep. Google Keep is displayed on the right-side pane of the mailbox. So you can easily organize your tasks.

Suitable for Whom?

This feature is best for those who are involved in multi-tasking, have varied subordinates to look after, and manage the task on a routine basis.

2. Google Fonts

Google Fonts will help you select the fonts of your choice. We can try customizing our entire google doc so that it gives a unique identity to the document.

You can choose the fonts based on readability or the content of the document.

To get the fonts of your choice, click on the Font Dropdown and the first option visible will be More Fonts.

Select More Fonts and get fonts of your choice.

Suitable for Whom?

It is most suitable for those who like or prefer customization. Also, those who are having multiple presentations to give can make their document a bit unique with this feature.

3. SpeakD

It is the best extension to opt for Voice typing, if you are constantly involved in typing work, don’t miss out on this feature that can give voice to your words. You can type just by speaking, isn’t it amazing?

Suitable for Whom?

Writers and students can make the most out of it. It is highly recommendable for those who are constantly involved in typing work.

Also, it is good for note-taking, so while meeting or conference it is easy to get the details or synopsis via this plugin.

**[Get here](https://workspace.google.com/u/0/marketplace/app/speakd_give_voice_to_your_writings/496566078282)**

4. UberConference

It is an extension highly usable in this post-Covid era because it helps you to place or host or join a conference call via your Google Doc.

So during the meeting or conference call, you can simultaneously work on your project also as you are directly placing a call from Google Doc.

Suitable for Whom?

It is good for all the employees and employers. It can be used by those who have to conduct meetings on several projects regularly.

It makes the task easy by directly getting connected on the call.

5. DocSecret

It is next in the list of best add ons for Google Docs. Sometimes in small or large companies, it happens that a particular document’s access is given to many people.

The google doc may contain some crucial information that is not to be shared with everyone. So in that case via DocSecret you can keep text in the documents encrypted so that that portion of the file is not visible to everyone.

Suitable for Whom?

It is good for those who are working in some organization. Also, people who have to constantly deal with crucial information and documents should make use of it without fail.

**[Get Here](https://workspace.google.com/u/0/marketplace/app/docsecrets/933719089841)**

6. DocBuilder

It is something you need if you are looking for creating documents from the synopsis, notes, and videos available online.

You fetch the entire video and audio content into a word format. This can help to convert a video into a word format.

Suitable for Whom?

Those who write articles or docs based on the video details or video content can make efficient use of it.

7. Text Cleaner

It is essential for those who would like to remove or edit the document or content in one go as it removes the content in one command, helps to deal with text formatting, makes paragraphs easily and keeps the text editing sorted as well as quick.

Suitable for Whom?

It is suitable for those who are looking for an easy editing tool and make relevant use of it.

**[Get Here](https://workspace.google.com/marketplace/app/text_cleaner/103106847686)**

Summing Up:

Using a relevant Google Doc Extension can help you to get professional excellence and can also help you with time saving.

How many hours a day you work is not important unless the work is done is productive enough, focusing on productivity has more importance. All these extensions will help you to boost your productivity in an easy way!

Of Course, the list of extensions doesn’t end here, there are many other extensions that can help you out! You just need to seek them or we might do it for you.

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