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Your way of Presentation defines your Goals!

Whether you are giving a presentation for the first time or doing it regularly; the pressure to shine out through the entire presentation is stagnant. Isn't it?

To shine out, one needs to understand that the entire success of a presentation depends on the content and the layout of the presentation. If the content is excellent but the presentation is not up to the mark then all the efforts will be in vain.

We all have faced such a situation wherein we have to give a presentation that will have a major impact on our career and choices. Sometimes the content of the presentation is perfect but people lack out in making the layout of the presentation eye-catching!

During school life, we all have been taught about How to Give a Presentation? But school life and corporate life are very different. Though the basics of presentation are the same; in corporate life, you have to make extra efforts and secure your career.

In Multinational Companies, giving a presentation is part of your selection process and once you are selected on a regular basis presentation are to be given sometimes for statistics or sometimes to project ideas.

Therefore, we have decided to help you create some presentation that will create an everlasting impression!

Here's the hack, you can use add-ons to create a presentation that will stand unique.

We have shortlisted the 5 BEST GOOGLE SLIDE ADD-ONS that shall help you to make a quick and catchy presentation.

Let's quickly understand, What are Google Slide Add Ons?

Just as the name suggests, Add-Ons are the extension that is not mandatory but you can add it for better user experience and enhance your productivity. These are simple extensions serving the purpose of value addition.

To Add On a particular extension, you can use the "Add-Ons" tab on the menu bar and get it in a single click.

Add-Ons are available in Free and Paid both versions, you can select it according to your preferences.

Whenever one thinks about making a presentation, he will first rely on MS Powerpoint. MS Powerpoint was the only source people used for giving the presentations to be it professionally or just out of interest.

But, do you know what the better alternative of MS Powerpoint is?

Google Slides: Google Slides has marked its name due to its features and autosave mode. However, now it has the option of Add-Ons that makes it possible to explore Google Slides with more potential and user-friendly experience.

Tips for selecting the best Extension for Google Slides in 2021:

Every now and then, several additions are made in the extensions! It is necessary to know tips that will help you find the best extension.

  • Know your requirement:

You need to understand what kind of extensions you require? Once you develop an understanding of the requirement, understand the keyword about that requirement. With the help of a keyword, you can find the extension!

For instance: You require an extension that helps you know the density of a particular word in your presentation. Then you have to search for a word counter in the search box. Word counter mentions the number of words and its density as well.

  • Read the Reviews:

For one purpose, more than one extensions are available. So you need to check which extension works best for you. Check all the reviews or maximum reviews and ratings to understand more about that particular extension and its features.

  • Trial Version:

Try to select the extension that provides your trial version. If you directly purchase or subscribe for an extension without opting for trail use, there are chances that your decision can stand wrong. It's better to opt for a trial version and understand the functioning of that extension.

5 Best Google Slide Add-Ons to make your Presentation eye-catchy!

1. CloudApp:

Have you seen the videos wherein they share the recording of their computer screen in the video? If you want to create a similar kind of video, then you can use this extension.

CloudApp Google Slides integration helps to present the ideas in a smart way with the feature of better visuality. It allows you to capture anything on the screen.

Now you easily record the video tutorials, edit it, add GIFs and make it even more interactive. With the help of this Google Slide Add On you can even mention comments as and where required. You can draw and mark the important sections in the video, also can add screenshots to make it explanatory.

CloudApp Google Slide extension will help to create a visual treat for the users and make the most out of it by using this feature for creating interactive video during your presentation.

2. Insert Icons:

Isn't a presentation incomplete without icons?

Especially if it is a corporate presentation, making efficient use of icons is necessary. Icons are widely used to mark up the growth or show fractions and numeric values. Also while drafting content in the presentation you can use Icons.

With icons the graphical and textual representation of the content becomes more sorted, it will help to have a quick glance at the content.

Insert Icons is an extension that helps you to place icons in the presentation, you have an option for 1800+ icons to select from! It also has an edit option from which you add texture to those icons, shadows and outlines to those icons.

The best part is you can explore all these icons for free and users can change the colour of those icons as well.

2 icon set are available via this add-on, for a total of more than 1800 icons:

3. Paletti:

Are you bored with changing the colour of each slide individually? Is it making your task hectic?

The colour of the slides plays a major role in developing an engaging presentation. If the colour is too dull, it will make the presentation boring. If the slide colour is too bright; it will stress the eyes of viewers.

Therefore selecting a proper colour as per the topic and theme is vital. Also changing the colour for individual slides can be a major headache.

The Paletti Google Slides add-on helps you to change the slide colour in a minute. You can just click and change the colour of the slide immediately. You can apply colours from more than 200 different shades of colours, these 200 shades of colours are absolutely free to use and apply.

The user can apply colour to a particular slide or can apply it to the entire slide. If you have a colour that is not available in the palettes, you can click on the colour that you want from the image. There are options for editing the colour palettes also.

Learn More:

4. Slides Toolbox:

It's a toolbar that can make you excel in your presentation within a minute, wondering how?

It's a complete package of all the tools that you would require while working on the slides or making a presentation. It is nothing less than a one-stop solution for the tools relating to the content of your slide, it offers a quick solution to all the following things:

- Text formatting

  • Size and Alignment
  • Invert text and fill colour
  • Remove duplicate lines
  • Invert text and fill colour
  • Remove duplicate lines

- Importing the files

- Exporting the files

- Page Tools

- Image Tools

- Chart Tools

There are various other features that make working with Google Slides easy. All these tools are handy, one click and the entire content or text pattern of the slide can get uniform and sorted.

With the help of Slides Toolbar, you won't have to repeat the task again and again. Just click on the toolbar and place the command.

Learn More:

5. Unsplash:

Unsplash is a big name when it comes to getting the best free images!

It has a beautiful collection of the picture that represents all the genres, you can mention the keyword in the search bar and get the listed images for that search immediately.

A presentation without HD images will not be interesting, the only textual slide will be boring and the viewer might not retain the attention for a longer period of time.

Unsplash is one of the best google slide add-ons that makes your presentation visually appealing. This extension gives you access to unlimited high dimension images that you can place in your Google Slide.

Especially if you are intending to publish the presentation globally or on any website, you are required to use Stock Free images. In such cases using images from Unsplash is the best choice! You can select from a variety of options and get the best for your presentation.

Summing Up:

Save the time while making an effective presentation with these extremely useful Add-Ons! Making a Presentation is easy but making an eye catchy presentation is a tough task, not everyone can excel in it.

But if you want to make efficient use of Google Slides then you have to shortlist the best extension that boosts your calibre of giving the best presentation.

Google Slides is a versatile tool, all you need is an extension that helps you explore the versatility of the Google Slides.

Try using these 5 best google slide add-ons and upgrade your way of making presentations!

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