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Forget the days when teachers just used to enter the class and conduct lectures without any further do!

But now the time and era have changed; teaching is an art and science both. Nowadays teachers have to take up the responsibility of Smart Education, make presentations, conduct online sessions, take live doubt solving sessions and much more.

To make all these possible quickly, teachers have started using Google Slides. Especially after a global pandemic, the work of teachers has increased to a great extend.

For that teachers can attach the Best Google Slides Add Ons and enhance their experience of using Google Slides.

With Google Slides, teachers can make the presentation quickly, the features of Google Slides makes the presentation highly interactive and interesting so that students can participate in a better way!

Google Slides are already having some of the best utility features like it allows adding up to 200 slides, some of the high-quality transitions, adding media and graphics.

The best part of Google Slides is you can enrich your experience by adding Best Add Ons. It will help you function even better.

Therefore, we have shortlisted the Best Google Slides Add-Ons that will make a teacher's life easy and save ample time!

What is a Google Slides Add-On?

Add-Ons are necessary to help you work rapidly. Using Google Slides helps you with multiple things. And doing value addition to those Google Slides by signing to the Add-Ons will help you to explore the tools.

Those Add-Ons that can save time, enhance your creativity, make the task easy for you.

Out of multiple Add-Ons available, it is necessary to figure which add will help you to perform better. Every Add On has their perks, you need to know which perk you want to enjoy!

We have shortlisted 5 Best Google Slides Add Ons for Teachers that are perfect to explore:

1. Pear Deck:


Almost all of us have Googled templates for making Presentations, after all, we want to make presentations catchy and quick.

Now for getting some of the best and qualitative layouts or templates for making Corporate or Personal Presentations you can rely on Pear Deck.

It provides all kinds of interactive questions that make presentations attractive.


You can use it to add some of the most interesting questions in the presentation.

It can be used for Personal and Professional or Corporate Presentations.

Use it to make the presentation interactive and catchy.

2. Slide Toolbar:


The most tiring task while making a presentation is to keep clicking on various tools and moving the cursor from here to there. You have to constantly either do text alignment or edit the content or insert an image or do other tasks.

For each task you do in Google Sheet, you have to move the cursor and it will not let you focus on making the presentation.

Now, you can bring your Toolbox wherever you need. You can add the extension of Slide Toolbar and get the toolbox wherever you want.


This toolbox has all the options, it helps you to format text, insert images, edit the content, and all the tools that you require.

You can use it to make the presentation quickly.

It allows you to customize the toolbox as per your requirement. You can add the tool that you use frequently.

Learn More:

3. LucidChart Diagrams:


Is adding a chart or graph a headache for you? Don't worry now you will be able to easily add the chart or diagrams or graphs in the presentation without doing many effort and spending much time.

LucidChart Diagrams helps you to add the charts and diagrams in a minute and make the presentation a visual treat.


You can use LucidChart Diagrams to customize graphs, charts and diagrams to the presentation.

You can also utilize it for drawing your charts and mindmaps. With the help of an export option, your self made charts can be added to the presentation you are making.

It serves the purpose for all types of graphs and charts, so you can switch on to multiple usages.

Learn More:

4. Fireshots:


If you have to add screenshots in the presentations then Fireshots is the best extension for you.

Nowadays teachers are teaching online, for instance, if in their presentation they want to add screenshots of a student’s work or assignment then they can use this extension.


You can add multiple screenshots and can also save it on your device.

Editing the screenshot is also possible.

You can also Save screenshot to disk as PDF, PNG, and JPEG

Exporting captured screenshots to an external editor is also possible.

5. Sir Links a Lot:


Sometimes it becomes tough to keep different links in mind while teaching. Teachers have to share various links with students.

At times it can be challenging to find a particular link out of many slides. To keep things sorted and simple, it would be best to change the link and frame it according to your understanding and need! Isn’t it?

With Sir Links a Lot you can change and reframe the link of the Google Slides as per your will!


You can use it to phrase the links of slides as per your choice.

It makes finding a particular slide or presentation easy and within a click.

You can also preview the links and then finalize it for the presentation.

Summing Up:

The education system is changing, innovations are part of it. A decade ago the term Online Education was not in the picture, and now Online Classes are becoming the lifeline of the Education System.

In such a scenario, for sustainable development of a career as a Teacher, it is necessary to grab the changes and updates at the earliest.

These Google Slide Add Ons will help you to match the steps with Updates and help you work in a better and quicker way.

Just adopting changes is not enough, you should know the smart ways to gel up with those changes and updates.

With Google Slides Add Ons you will be able to create interactive slides, unique theme based presentations and much more, isn’t it a smart way to teach? Keep exploring!

If you are looking for other add ons that can help you excel, then Don’t forget to check out other blogs!

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