4 Best Practices For G-Suite Super Admin

Editorial Team
November 11, 2020
4 Best Practices For G-Suite Super Admin

Google WorkSpace that was formerly known as G-Suite is a complete package that is all set to change the way of working of every company in a more fruitful way, wondering how?

Google WorkSpace deals into a meaningful transformation of work of the company by providing applications that redefine the way of working for everyone, be it employer or employee!

Irrespective to the size of business, staying organized is a pre-requisite for successful working of any company, to make that happen one has to take help of certain tools that maintains the decorum of the company, in absence of such tools or software it will be difficult to maintain the flow of work, accountability, hierarchy of responsibility and other factors as well.

Google WorkSpace is a magic tool that makes the routine easy, 2 billion users have already been part of the Google Work Space family! Perks of Google Work Space such as G-Suite administrator has made it a special member of everyone's life be it a businessman, company, employee, employer, freelancer, small businesses, MNCs.

Who can be a G-Suite Admin?

G-Suite Administrator basically means that if you are working at a firm or in a company, a person who manages Google services or devices for a company, school, or group is a G-Suite Admin.

Being a G-Suite Admin gives you Wings!

If your company or firm has a G-Suite account and you are the Email Administrator then you will have complete access to the dashboard with help of that you can keep an eye on:

  • the total number of emails sent and received,
  • log in or access details of the E-mail,
  • the number of files created, edited, and shared in Google Drive.

4 Best Practices for G-Suite Super Admin:

Admin is the center point of control for G-Suite, in absence of admin or his incomplete knowledge of G-Suite things will be in a complete mess and the productivity of G-Suite applications will remain unused or will remain abstract.

So to make effective and apt use of G-Suite potential we shall have a 360-degree knowledge of How G-Suite functions & How one can make complete use of its all features?

The following are the points that make an admin shine out as G-Suite Super Admin!

1. Effective and Connective way of On-Boarding & Task Management

As soon as someone takes up the charge of being a G Suite Admin, there will be ample requests that will start popping up, and the admin has to gel up with all those rather than ignoring, as these requests will be constantly coming up. So to deal with this distraction, one can easily cope up by using Google Form.

Thus, as and when a new employee joins the team, one can make the employees fill up the form and share all the details required.

The list of details essential are

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Personal email (use this as the secondary email address when creating a new G Suite user)
  • Start date
  • Department

Hence, the new joinee can submit the details and he or she will fill the form. Google forms have an inbuilt feature of storing the data, filled in form also it will automatically create the excel sheet of it, so the admin will get all the data at one place; while creating a G-Suite account it will be easier for admin to submit info and get the account ready.

Instead of people mailing the admin unnecessarily as to what details are needed, how it is to be submitted, they just need to fill the form and things are done!

Also you can manage the task, schedule meetings for varied employees & connect the dots with remote employees by easy communication.

2. Two Factor Authentication is the end goal for maintaining security!

We all are highly worried about the security of our social media handlers but sometimes we might miss out to focus on the security of our G-mail account, in spite of knowing that our G-Mail has all our work details and important files; yet we are ready to keep it on a lighter note and not worry about its security.

To ensure security, the best step is to opt for two-factor authentication as it gives you the most security with the least effort. As the G Suite admin, you have the power to require that all G Suite users use two-factor authentication on their accounts.

It is good to prefer a Two Factor authentication to focus on goals for google security best practice. As the account will remain secured and data will be safeguarded.

It is google security best practice as once you have opted for two-factor authentication, it will be turned on permanently, you don't have to manually keep doing it daily.

3. Smooth Off Boarding will safeguard the company's integrity and goodwill

Offboarding is one of the toughest tasks to execute, it is disturbing individually as well as creates a dull office environment, when a teammate leaves the office, it involves a series of processes. It is not just one Good-Bye, the entire process is to be conducted for Off-Boarding.

G-Suite admin has to incorporate the offboarding process for the Gmail account of that particular employee.

As soon as an employee leaves the organization, right away at that very moment, the account needs to be closed because it might be risky if the account is not closed immediately, information can be passed on, integrity can be disturbed.

Unfortunately, the way of discharging every employee is not the same, some end on a good note, some may not, some might serve the notice period, some may not.

So keeping in mind the way of parting the employee, G-Suite Admin has to conduct off-boarding accordingly.

G-Suite Admin has two options for closing a G-Suite account of an employee:

Suspension of a user account

Access G-Suite Admin has a protocol of suspension. If a G-Suite Super Admin Best Practice includes opting for a suspension.

Suspension can allow the G-Suite Admin to keep all the documents and Emails stay live even in absence of an account.

However, the charges shall still continue. The suspension is a quick and simple way to deal with the sensitive data that an account holder has. Once your G-Suite admin gets time, he can shift the data and permanently close the account.

Delete an Account

G-Suite Super Admin Best Practice includes access to G-Suite admin for deleting a G-Suite account of an employee who is leaving the organization.

Deleting an account will permanently remove everything from that user’s accounts, it includes documents, email, files.

Deleting a user destroys every document they’ve created unless they placed it in the Team Drive. It also removes them from your G Suite bill.

However, a buffer period of 20 days is given to undo the deletion process & retrieve the deleted data as well as files.

4. Don't Entertain any Suspicious Activities:

No breach of any G-Suite guidelines shall be tolerated. As a G Suite Admin, it is an admin's responsibility to take care of every

With how common data breaches have become these days, the last thing any of us want is to be responsible for a breach at our own company.

As G Suite admins, any breach with G Suite is ultimately our responsibility.

The easiest way to smell any conspiracy is to keep a regular check on Emails of teammates, with whom and how they share the documents of the company because if you don't keep a regular check, things may move out of hand.

G-Suite helps the admin to keep an easy check on the activity of each teammate, by giving various access to G- Suite admin.


Take your Business at the Next Level with G-Suite!

G-Suite is a complete package of keeping everything in line, using G-Suite is a perfect tool to make your & team's routine easy as well as productive.

Just recall those stressful days wherein in absence of Google WorkSpace, how difficult it was to monitor and regulate everything whether it's communication, documents, or emails.

Google WorkSpace is heading ahead of time, with simple tools and easiest execution. G-Suite is an integral part of every business, organization, or company; irrespective of the size of the company.

Google WorkSpace is a pillar in the digital world and missing out on it might cost you ample progressive opportunities.