Top 10 CRM Software for Real Estate Lead Management

Editorial Team
June 7, 2022
Top 10 CRM Software for Real Estate Lead Management

When the housing market (or any market) is booming, you have new clients coming in left and right, and you’re landing sale after sale, the last thing you want to do is hunt through a messy spreadsheet to track your client information. A lead management system serves as an online database to help you manage your contacts and save precious time on manual data entry.

How can a CRM help in lead generation for real estate industry?

A customer relationship management (CRM) software can help top-performing real estate agents track, organize, and manage information about their prospects and clients in a way that allows them to cultivate relationships and make data-driven decisions. 

Benefits of a Good Real Estate CRM Software

  • Contact Management

Real Estate CRM Software provides salespeople with a database for storing customer data and a system for recording client conversations. This allows salespeople to improve their sales and better serve clients, leveraging the power of data.

  • Lead Management System

Real estate CRM software helps real estate agents manage sales and marketing processes by categorizing clients into those who are current, past, or potential sales leads; cold or warm prospects; and satisfied, dissatisfied, or highly satisfied clients.

  • Email Management

The Email Marketing Panel allows you to send automated, custom emails and newsletters to clients. You can also share with them newly listed properties and the latest blog post. Email Management helps you send messages to clients, including properties that are newly listed and the latest news.

  • Mobile Compatibility

The mobile capability of CRM systems used in the real estate industry allows sales, marketing, and customer service teams to access information from wherever they are.

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Below are a few options of CRMs and Contact Mnaagement Systems that you can use for your real estate agency.

  1. ContactBook

ContactBook is a comprehensive contact management system that enables real estate

agencies to track the contacts of their leads, engaged customers, unengaged customers,

and sales team. 

ContactBook enables you to create a contact database that can be shared not only within

your own organization, but also with your clients. You can attach documents, notes,

reminders, labels and more to the contact; and you can share groups of contacts with other people in your company.

Additionally, it offers integrations with Google Contacts and other platforms as well, that are

top business apps in the industry. 

Learn more about ContactBook's features and how your agency can benefit from them.

Pricing: $5/month (Basic); $8/month (Pro); $12/month (Enterprise)

  1. Hubspot

HubSpot CRM is an email and sales automation platform that allows agents to manage their relationships, track key metrics, and create custom workflows. In addition to email templates, call tracking tools, and sales automation capabilities, HubSpot CRM also includes pipeline management systems and automated workflows. 

It can be integrated with your company’s apps through the App Marketplace. This tool is ideal for real estate agents who want to scale while keeping all of their systems unified in one place.

Pricing: Free; $45/month (Starter); $450/month (Professional); $1,200/month (Enterprise)

  1. Agile CRM

AgileCRM is a cloud-based customer relationship management software that focuses on the customer lifecycle. It is designed to streamline all aspects of business communication. 

This system supports unlimited document storage, task management, document tracking, and appointment setting, making it ideal for small teams that work out of one collaborative software. 

With AgileCRM you can track your leads based on where they are in the sales process, giving you maximum visibility for your pipeline. The software tool integrates with social media networks and productivity apps such as Gmail and Google Drive.

Pricing: Free; $8.99/user/month (Starter); $29.99/user/month (Regular); $47.99/user/month (Enterprise)

  1. Streak CRM for Real Estate

Streak CRM, available at no cost as a Google Workspace extension, helps you track sales leads and manage contacts in your Gmail inbox. Because it is part of Google Apps, you can onboard quickly by removing the adoption phase of switching to a new system. 

The Pro and Enterprise versions offer advanced features such as reports and access to the Streak API. The tool also comes with Solo and Free versions that include features such as pipeline management, email tracking, automatic email categorization, tasks, and reminders.

Pricing: Free; $15/user/month (Solo); $49/user/month (Pro); $129/user/month (Enterprise)

  1. Contactually

Contactually, a Compass-backed CRM that's specifically built for real estate agents, simplifies lead qualification. It automatically generates customized campaigns for leads at every stage of the funnel. 

Contactually also offers a drag-and-drop pipeline management tool and workflow automation program. You can sync your email and communication history into the app through integration with Office 365 and Google Workspace. The app even provides tools to help you reach out to past clients.

Pricing: $69/month (Professional); $119/month (Accelerator)

  1. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is designed to help you manage your sales pipeline more efficiently. The software lets you visualize your sales process through a customizable pipeline, and it allows you to track contacts, create new deals, and take a sale from initial contact to close in a single interface. 

You can access Pipedrive on the go by using its mobile app, and it integrates with some of the most popular third-party services, including Asana, Trello, and Slack.

Pricing: $12.50/user/month (Essential); $24.90/user/month (Advanced); $49.90/user/month (Professional); $99/user/month (Enterprise)

  1. Propertybase

Propertybase is an integrated platform for managing listings, marketing and lead generation for real estate. 

The CRM allows users to create automated ad campaigns on social media sites and syndicate listings on real estate portals, and can be connected with major MLSs. Propertybase websites are also linked to the CRM, so users never miss a lead.

Propertybase's CRM also integrates with major MLSs and allows you to syndicate listings on real estate portals, so those properties are seen by buyers looking for them. 

With Propertybase's IDX website builder, you can create beautiful websites that automatically update whenever there is a change in listing information.

Pricing: Contact Propertybase for pricing.

  1. Zoho

Zoho CRM gives you tools to connect with customers and prospects, even when they aren't connected with you. With live chat, email, and social media integrations, you can set up notifications so that you are in the know any time a prospect or customer interacts with your business. You can also create real-time reports and track data so that you have current information at your fingertips no matter where you are. 

Other features let you automate workflows, manage contacts, and manage deals from stage to stage. You can also build a sales process for your real estate agents so that prospective buyers get a consistent experience regardless of whom they work with.

Pricing: $12/user/month (Standard); $20/user/month (Professional); $35/user/month (Enterprise); $45/user/month (Ultimate)

  1. CINC

CINC is a real estate platform that helps agents stay engaged with clients. CINC enables agents to manage the entire sales process, from lead generation to client retention. 

Notable features include comprehensive pipeline views, team management tools, and lead nurturing capabilities. Agents can also create an IDX website that includes their property listings and distributes these listings to other real estate websites. 

CINC offers many apps, including Open Houses and Agent. Open Houses allows you to collect contact information during open houses, while Agent allows you to manage tasks and reminders.

Pricing: Contact CINC for Pricing.

  1. Top Producer

Top Producer is a real estate-focused platform that provides a centralized location for all of your sales pipeline, allowing you to manage incoming inquiries, nurture leads, sync contact information and create email marketing campaigns. 

The tool also allows you to carry out transactions and create email templates, as well as share Market Snapshot reports with future home buyers. It also features the most up-to-date MLS data, allowing prospects to see street views of homes listed on your site, among other things.

Pricing: $45/user/month (Starter); $75/user/month (Professional); $85/user/month (Advanced)


An effective real estate contact management software allows you to centralize client information and marketing documents in one database that can be accessed by all real estate professionals in your organization. 

ContactBook is one such effective software for real estate contact management. It stores all of the client's information in a centralized database, making it accessible to all the real estate professionals working with that client.

This software automates many of the steps involved in the real estate marketing and sales process and strengthens customer relationships by easing closing transactions.