Everything you need to know about What is G Suite For Education

Neil Patel
May 4, 2019
Everything you need to know about What is G Suite For Education

Formerly known as Google Apps for Education, G Suite for Education is a set of tools that is designed to empower teachers and students to learn and grow together.
Similar to most organizations that are constantly looking for ways to automate operations, even the education systems are moving to cloud-based solutions to curb the IT infrastructure and service demands. Enabling and modernizing the education realm, G Suite for education streamlines administration at campuses and improves the flow of information amongst students, education providers and administrators.

What is G Suite for Education?

10 years ago, Google introduced Google Apps for Education with the thought of innovating the way teachers and students collaborate and learn together. Today, G Suite for Education is the same and better, a best-in-class suite of cloud-driven productivity tools but with more intelligent features that make work easier and bring teachers and students together.

Key applications of G Suite for Education

  • Gmail for mail

An institution-wide email service, G Suite for Education is built on the Gmail that we know and love. It is an effortless email service that connects the faculties, the staff members and the students with each other.

  • Google Calendar for shared Calendar

Simplifying the process of the collaborating and arranging events, Calendar app in G Suite for Education enables calendar sharing among the students as well as the teachers and other staff members.

  • Google Classroom for easy connectivity between teachers and students

Classroom by Google is an easy-to-use tool that helps teachers and students with organizing assignments and boost communication. It fosters communication and helps teachers to manage coursework, distribute assignments, grade and send feedback and everything else in one place. Students can even interact with teachers and other like-minded students in real-time.

  • Collaborative tools like Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Presentations, and Forms

G Suite collaboration tools include-Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Presentations, and Forms. The backbone of G Suite for Education, they enable students and teachers to draft notes during lectures, create reports, design and present slideshows, take surveys and more

  • Google Drive for unlimited cloud storage

G Suite for Education offers the standard Google Drive but with unlimited cloud storage to save and organize assignments, documents, presentation and more. Students and teachers both can access any file at any time from any device.

  • Google Vault

G Suite for Education offers Google Vault that enables IT administrators to archive and retain e-discovery tools and other compliance and regulatory rules. Vault is also useful for storing and securing legal documentation, exporting data,audit reporting and more.

  • Google Jamboard

Make most of Google's interactive canvas with Jamboard. Students and teachers can sketch, scribble, doodle and collaborate in real-time on this smart whiteboard offered with G Suite for Education.

How is G Suite for Education different from G Suite for business?

G Suite for business is a paid suite of cloud productivity apps for offices to improve productivity at the workplace. On the other hand, G Suite for Education grants free tools to nonprofit K–12 and higher education institutions and homeschool co-ops to streamline operations and enhance communication between students and teachers for a better learning experience.

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G Suite For Education Benefits

Easy storing and collaboration of data

G Suite for Education is built with the needs of educational institutions in mind. It offers all the tools needed to store large amounts of data for swift and easy collaboration between the teachers, students and faculties. Additionally, the IT administrators can practically create an unlimited number of users through the G Suite Admin console without having to delete any inactive users. Furthermore, G Suite for Education offers Google Drive with unlimited storage space. Files on the Drive can be accessed at any time and from any device

  • Meet regulatory compliance requirements

Google is known for its strict adherence to compliance and regulatory rules. As per their agreement with cloud services, Google complies to guidelines of ISO 27001, ISO 27018 and SOC 2/3 audits. G Suite for Education is also compliant with the U.S. Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA).

  • Protection against data leak and loss

Google is resilient when it comes to data protection and data loss prevention. In order to prevent data theft or leakage, they offer various security measures including enterprise-grade access control and native support for Gmail and Google Drive. Additionally, G Suite for Education includes extra measures such as mobile device management, Gmail log analysis in BigQuery, third-party compliance tools and the G Suite Security Center.

G Suite Security Center offers features like file exposure threats that trigger when a file is shared outside the domain, authentication audit, message encryption, Email delivery audit, Spam and malware classification and whitelist evaluation.

  • G Suite for Education is free to use

One of the most alluring aspects of G Suite for Education is the fact that it is free to use! Schools get free access to top-notch Google services like Gmail, Vault, Classroom and unlimited storage for FREE!!

G Suite for Education free edition is a powerful tool for educational institutes to transform the way information is communicated, collaborated and the way data is stored and accessed. Additionally, it allows educational institutions to seamlessly migrate to the G Suite cloud with greater confidence in their security and data protection.

With all the necessary tools, G Suite enables educators and the students to keep up with the upcoming opportunities offered in the modern world.