Best G Suite Productivity Tools to boost Productivity

Editorial Team
September 15, 2020
Best G Suite Productivity Tools to boost Productivity

Do you know why has G Suite become so popular?

The answer is, G Suite has transformed the business environment by boosting productivity and reducing costs for nearly 5 million businesses.

G Suite helps you to organize tasks, connect with customers, and manage team collaboration to boost productivity.

You will find that G Suite has all your favorite business productivity apps—storage, spreadsheets, forms, presentations, chat, calendars, and email—all on a single platform.

If you have a team that includes remote workers then G Suite is essential to boost productivity. No matter where they work from they can communicate and collaborate easily with the help of G Suite.

Once you start using G Suite you will realize that it helps to solve common business problems and get more work done quickly.

Important G Suite Productivity tools that help you to boost productivity


The best thing about using Gmail in G Suite is it lets you have a professional-looking email address with your business domain name for all employees in your organization. You can create a group and add an unlimited number of email addresses of your employees to the group.

When you send an email to the group's email address everyone in the group will receive that email. You can save time by not sending a separate email with the same message to each person.

Even if an employee leaves your organization you will still have all the emails with you. You will not be losing any email data and it will be stored safely and the employee will not be able to access it after they leave your organization.

Drive, Docs, Sheets and Slides

Google Drive is the storage space for your organization's data and it helps you to keep all the required data in one place. This will save time because you will not be wasting time searching for files and documents stored in different locations.

The amazing search functionality of Google Drive will help you to find what you are looking for in a few seconds.

Your employees can collaborate in real-time on a document in Google Docs and complete the work easily.

As all the Docs in G Suite are owned by your organization you will not lose any data even if an employee who is working on it leaves your organization unexpectedly. It will save your time and effort, and boost productivity.

With Google Sheets, you can keep all data in one place, analyze data easily, and collaborate on a sheet with your team in real-time which will speed up your work.

You can have control over the people who can view, edit, or add comments to the sheets and also have a record of all the people who made changes to a sheet. This helps you to avoid confusion and save time by having a record of people who made changes to the sheet.

All the previous versions of your documents and spreadsheets are saved indefinitely and you can refer to them whenever you want.

Google Slides is an online presentation tool that enables you to draw diagrams, insert images and shapes, format text, and do animations. It also allows you and your team to collaborate, create presentations, and work on a slide in real-time.

Docs, Sheets, and Slides connect seamlessly with Drive and help you to share documents, collaborate easily and save time.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar helps you to have a shared calendar for your team. By having a shared calendar you will know the work schedule of each member in your team, and you can organize meetings and events accordingly.

You can also set due dates and reminders to complete a task and all your team members will know about it through the shared calendar.

You can create multiple calendars for various purposes and share it with different groups in your organization. Calendar helps you in avoiding miscommunication and perform tasks smoothly.

Google Forms

You can use Google Forms as an excellent survey tool to collect data through questionnaires. You can share the link to a form in an email and then integrate the data collected through these forms with Google Sheets.

You can even customize the questions in the forms by collaborating with your team in real-time. Your organization can do event registrations and opinion polls using these forms.

You will be able to see the responses instantly as they are filled by people to whom you have sent it. Forms will help you collect data from a large number of people in a quick and easy way.

Google Chat and Meet

Even if your team members are working remotely, from different locations, you can send direct messages or have a group conversation with your team instantly through Chat.

When you need to explain your ideas to your team you can have a meeting in a dedicated virtual room in Chat. You can have threaded conversations, organize your projects, and share files in your chat room.

Chat enables you to send a file or share a document from Drive, to collaborate easily with your team and complete tasks quickly. Threaded conversations in chat rooms will help you to follow and participate in multiple conversations easily.

Meet is a tool for video chat and it enables you to hold a video meeting with your team easily. You can include 250 participants in a video meeting and also do live streaming with up to 100,000 viewers.

You can invite people from your organization and also outside your organization through Gmail message, Google Chat, sharing the meeting link, and Google Calendar events. Meet allows you to share your screen, record a meeting and send chat messages during a meeting.

If your organization has a distributed workforce then Chat and Meet will help you in communicating quickly and efficiently.


G Suite Productivity tools helps you and your employees to collaborate seamlessly and engage actively in all projects even when you are working remotely. It stores all your data safely and allows you to access it easily from all devices you are using.

G Suite tools saves your time by reducing the time spent on endless back and forth communication through emails.

G Suite includes intelligent tools to schedule meeting quickly and helps everyone to join meetings effortlessly. You can hold a meeting in a chatroom or make a video call to explain things and resolve issues immediately.

With all these amazing features G suite will help you to enhance and promote productivity in your organization.