Google Docs Vs Microsoft Word - Which one is best for you?

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March 25, 2021
Google Docs Vs Microsoft Word - Which one is best for you?

Which one is better, Google docs or Microsoft word?

Over a decade there has been quite a huge debate between MS Word and Google Docs for the title of the best word processor.

Every individual relying on word processors might have struggled to know which processor they should use and a major choice of option prevails as Microsoft office vs Google Docs.

Both the platforms offer great features, both are reliable as well.

Ms Word and Google Docs both have been a survival platform for corporates, companies and businesses. Even at a personal level, people are relying on both of them.

But, now the question is which of them is the best? Or which one should you use?

Here, we will definitely discuss the differences between Google docs and microsoft word but before that let’s first understand the features that help in considering Ms Word and Google Docs individually.

Why should you consider using Ms Word?

Hardly there will be any school curriculum that doesn't include learning Ms Word, hardly there will be any corporate office that doesn't have Ms Word in the PCs.

So, the foundation of Ms Word and its acceptance is notable. For more than a decade, individuals, corporate, and students have relied on it.

Also, Ms Word is a product of the most popular and reputed international company, its track record is undoubtedly unmatchable.

Besides the goodwill of the company and utility of the software, a few other reasons to consider Ms Word are listed below:

1. Availability:

1.2 billion people across 140 countries and 107 languages use Microsoft Office.

The user base of Ms Word is big and it was the first processor that was so widely relied on.

Initially, Ms Word was the only survival option for the offices, corporates or individuals to draft the document, or edit it.

Since 1983 people are aware of Ms Word and gradually the word about processors keeps spreading and more people tend to use it.

It is the oldest word processor and therefore majorly people using word processors shall be aware of it and its functions.

Moreover, since it is the oldest processor there are chances the people you are working with must be familiar with it and they might be using it too.

Thus sharing the document with them becomes easy.

2. Robust Word Processing Features:

Microsoft Word has been around since 1989. Since then, it’s been adding features and improving its interface. Use it to create every kind of print document imaginable—not just for work but also for personal and academic uses.

If you’re making a document that’s more complicated than a single-page flyer or a short report, then you probably need Word. It’s the most reliable word processor for long documents or manuscripts that have several chapters, a dynamic table of contents, and indexing.

Word is also your best bet if you’re creating something in an unusual size. And if you want more granular control of text formatting, image positioning, and so on, then you’re better off using a Word 38 years old processor but the features are capable of matching the steps with the digital era.

Ever since the launching of Ms Word, the company has constantly thrived to push the limits and keep serving with the features that are at par with excellence.

No other processor would provide you with access to a document of unusual size except Ms Word.

Its interface is user friendly and from drafting a document to printing it; every detailing can be done in a wondrous way with Ms Word.

Whether you are working on a short article or want to create a long piece of content, it is the processor that stands for your requirements.

3. Seamless Integration:

Integration is a strong USP of Ms Word, however now Google docs also offer it. But in the initial years of Ms Word being a new processor, integration was a key feature.

So, integration can help you to embed charts from Excel into your Word document. Once embedded, update the charts in Excel and the charts within your Word document will automatically update as well.

This way for preparing reports, charts, or other tabular data, one can work on Ms Word and Excel simultaneously.

This feature has saved ample time and made the life of corporates utterly easy.

4. Dynamic Templates:

Templates are the predefined layouts.

The purpose of every individual for using Ms Word shall differ, some might just use it for drafting the article, some might use it for writing emailer, while others may use it for drafting blog or proposal.

With the purpose of usage, the layout of the document shall also vary.

Even if you started using Ms Word out of the blue, these layouts or templates will guide you about the structure of the content.

These templates give a professional look at the document. Choose a template, replace the placeholder text and images with your own, and choose your branding colours. That’s all you need to do.

The best part is if you have liked a particular template and you just want to do a little customization - add some brand colours to the template or remove certain elements, you can do it all. It's completely customizable.

Why should you consider using Google Docs?

It's more than a decade old google product has the most updated features. When Ms Word was launched initially it felt like no other processor could beat it.

With the advent of Google Docs, the perception changed.

There was a situation where people started doubting that Google Docs replace Microsoft Office?

It gradually streamlined the requirements of the new-age working model and matched compatibility with the digital era.

Google Docs definitely has value offer features that make a person drift from Ms word to Google Docs.

Google Docs is part of Google WorkSpace, it was formerly known as G-suite.

Let's know more about the Google Docs that has covered a widespread audience of 1 billion users.

1. User Friendly:

It is extremely user friendly. From a student to a professional anyone can use it without seeking guidance.

It is simple and significant. If you are wondering, is google doc a word processor?

Well, Google Docs is the perfect web-based application that works on user discretion.

You neither need to download it nor need to install some special software for using it.

You can access it from your Gmail account, so all you need to use Google Docs is just a Gmail account.

Its high-end accessibility gave it a distinctive identity.

If you want to access it over the phone you can download it, if you want to use it over PC you can explore from Gmail and if you want to work while the internet connection is not available; then you can switch to offline mode.

2. Ease of Collaboration:

Here is one more feature that helped Google Docs to create its unique identity and gave a tough competition to Ms Word is Collaboration.

Collaboration means sharing the document or sharing the distinctive permission about the document with people.

You can share the document with anyone you want just by entering their mail id. If you want to share the documents but add certain restrictions to it; you can limit the permission.

Either you can provide permission to view a document or edit it or comment.

Once you grant the editable rights to someone, you can see real-time editing done in the documents that mean more than one person can work over a document at the same time.

Also, you’ll be able to see who currently has the document open and where they are in the doc.

3. Dynamic Features:

Features are the point of decision.

While buying a new phone or looking out for a new application the first question that we ask is about features.

Google Docs offers the most promising features that can help you create any kind of document.

Google features are aligned so that you can find all types of tools for drafting the document, editing it and sharing it; it's all under one web-based app.

From formatting to inserting media; your document just needs google doc to be completed with proficiency.

The features offered by Google Docs at some level are out of comparison because no other word processor has featured in abundance.

4. It's absolutely Free!

The first question that comes to mind is free applications must have limited tools.

But here the scenario is different, all the features are accessible while using Google Docs. Nothing is kept hidden under the veil.

So if you have wondered, is Google Doc free to use? The answer is Yes!

Henceforth from a student to professionals or startups everyone can use it and enjoy all the features.

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Google Docs Vs Ms Word: Which one is better?

Let’s compare a few of the features and parameters to draw a conclusion and finalize one among both of the options.

There are certain advantages of using Google Docs, similarly, there are certain advantages of using Ms Word.

Let’s check which of them shines out louder than others in terms of benefits.

1. Convenience:

Google Docs has an upvote for this parameter.

It definitely doesn't mean that Microsoft word doesn't have the feature of convenience; it has but Google Docs excels in it.

It is extremely convenient to use. You can use it on a phone, laptop or any other device.

You can edit it anytime, anywhere and the best part is the latest version gets synchronized automatically. Whenever you access it, even if you don't refresh it will show the latest version of your document.

And when you share your document, there’s no wondering if the recipient’s version of Docs is compatible with it or not. In fact, Docs can open all sorts of file formats including PDFs and Word.

Moreover, you can work in offline mode too; that doubles the joy!

2. Security:

It is a major concern because some documents are confidential, some documents shall not be shared with everyone. Therefore it is a crucial parameter.

For the safety parameters, it's a clear green signal for Ms Word, because it works offline, you have to install it on your laptop and then it will function.

You can save the files securely on your PC or laptop.

But, Google Docs are web-based, therefore it functions online. There are external factors that might affect the security parameter.

However, Google always assures the best security possible but it doesn't guarantee a 100% secured working clause.

There are always some uncertainties and external factors that lead to the threat of data leakage.

In nutshell, with Ms Word, you save the documents locally on your computers or devices.

You can always save your most sensitive documents on your computer hard drive instead of in the cloud.

3. Collaboration:

Undoubtedly Google Docs excels in this, however, both platforms are offering this feature. But Google Docs surely outshines.

Google Docs offers collaborative features with different levels of access, you get options while collaborating.

However, collaborating while working on word documents is not so smooth as working on Google Docs. It is lengthy and sometimes takes more time.

Co-authoring on the desktop version of Word requires saving the file in OneDrive (Microsoft’s cloud storage). The experience of sharing and collaborating is much clunkier in Word than in Google Docs.

4. Cost

Majorly the cost is a deciding factor. Here the comparison makes no point as Google Docs is available for free.

Yes, you need not pay a single penny for using the full version of Google Docs.

MS Office has different packages, you can select from various packages; whichever suits you the best.

Bottom Line:

So what would you prefer; Microsoft word or Google docs?

Google Docs and Ms Word; both have high utility and unique features but it is difficult to select one between them for all purposes.

The decision of choice shall widely depend on the purpose of creating a document.

If you are looking for a quick collaborative platform for more than one person to work collectively on the document, hands down Google Docs is all you need.

But if you are looking for a non-web-based document creation platform then the only choice you have is Microsoft Word.

Similarly, if you are looking for a more secure solution; go for Ms Word but if you are in need of some out of the box layouts to make the document presentable; switch to Google Docs.

Instead of strictly sticking to one option for creating and working over all documents, keep the choice flexible depending on the purpose.

Based on your purpose, select the platform that suits you best.