G Suite vs Zoho Workspace - Best Productivity Suite for Businesses in 2022

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May 4, 2019
G Suite vs Zoho Workspace - Best Productivity Suite for Businesses in 2022

We all know that Google has its own monopoly in the market but from the last few years, Zoho has captured lots of business in the market as it provides very effective business solutions like Google.

The First thing any business will do when they are starting out is to choose an email host. This can be a big decision as there are so many different hosting services out there. With many of the businesses we worked with, the decision comes out to G Suite vs Zoho.

Are you also scratching your head on deciding which office suite to choose for your company? Read our in detail Zoho vs G Suite comparison to finally decide which solution is the best suited for your company.

G Suite

Formally known as Google Apps for Work, G Suite is Google's exquisite productivity suite that facilitates various collaborative and productivity tools needed to increase office productivity. The list of apps comprises of Gmail, Hangouts, Calendar, Google+, Drive, Sites, along with Google Docs, Sheets, Forms and Slides. These apps can be managed via the Google Admin Console and Google Vault.

  1. Mailing Service

Gmail is the revolutionary mailing app that changed the way of corporate communication. The real-time messaging app is easy to use and can easily store your important emails and data for later use. The professional email address at your domain, like name@yourcompany, helps you build trust with your customers.

Improving easy access to business email, the Gmail app for mobile phones is available on Android and iOS, allowing you to send and receive emails anytime, anywhere.

  1. Cloud File Storage and Sharing

Cloud productivity suites are not that enticing without cloud storage and easy file sharing. Google Drive offers you that and more. It allows businesses to store and manage important documents, sheets, presentations and more and allows you to easily share with your team. They can view, edit, share, delete according to the usage rights provided by you. Simple UI and excellent user experience of Google Drive makes it apt for an online file storage system for offices. With the user-friendly mobile app, Drive can be accessed anytime from anywhere and any device, and even allows to use files offline. Additionally, the advanced search options allow users to keep everything in order and locate files quickly.

The storage space ranges from 30 GB per user for the basic plans to unlimited storage with the business and the enterprise plan (1 TB per user for a team of fewer than 5 people).

  1. Business Apps

G Suite is the go-to productivity suite for many businesses, from freelancer and small startups to large enterprises. It is brimmed with well-known, easy to use and useful for workplace apps like Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Calendar, Keep, Hangouts and more. The winning feature for G Suite business apps is that they not only seamlessly integrate with each other (scheduling meeting in Meets from Calendar) but also with various third-party applications as well.

All G Suite apps are available on Android and iOS operating systems and can be accessed from any devices- be it Desktop, Tablets or Mobile Phones

  1. Collaborative Tools

Collaboration in G Suite can be divided into two part - Communicative apps and collaborative apps. G Suite offers various tools like Gmail, Hangouts Meet, Hangouts Chat and more to make communication easy within a team and with clients as well.

Collaborating features like editing and commenting documents and sharing calendar and Google Keep help in enhancing team communication that leads to better productivity

  1. G Suite Pricing Plans

The G Suite pricing plans are pretty simple and range $5 per month to $10 per month for additional storage for Business plan. Google also offers a customized Enterprise plan for companies with larger needs.

Check out G Suite plans

  1. Technical Support

G Suite is also recognised for top-notch 24/7 email and phone support. Not to forget their lengthy library of FAQs, support forums and training certifications.

Complete your G Suite training to be certified

Zoho Workplace

Recently launched Zoho Workplace is similar to G Suite and offers a range of web-based solutions that also allows you to streamline tasks and enhance capabilities within the workplace. It’s a compact suite of applications consisting of creative tools like Writer, Sheet, Show; Collaborate tools like Docs, Showtime, Sites; and Communicative tool like Mail, Cliq, and Connect.

  1. Mailing Service

Zoho Mail has all the standard functions that mailing service should have and just like Gmail you can easily sign up with your own domain or alternatively buy a domain name through the Zoho site. However, Zoho gets the upper hand when it comes to price. Zoho Mail is free to use for enterprises with under 25 members- who doesn't like free stuff?

  1. Cloud File Storage and Sharing

WorkDrive is Zoho's answer to Google Drive to bring the entire team and their files under one roof. The shared workspace of WorkDrive is used for syncing and collaborating files with the team members.

You can also choose to keep team folders public or private and assign access rights as per user role. The real-time notification updates the members as soon as any changes are made to any of the files in that folder. The iOS and Android apps give you the flexibility to access and manage files on-the-go from your smartphone.

WorkDrive storage starts at 100 GB for up to 10 users. After 10 users, you can get additional shared storage of 10 GB per new user.

Check out the pricing for Zoho Drive.

  1. Business Apps

Over the past few years, Zoho Workplace has upped its game and has been beefing up its webmail and online office suite services. Along with Zoho Mail, it also comes with feature-rich office suite comprising of Zoho Writer (for documents), Zoho Sheet (for spreadsheets) and Zoho Show (for presentations). Other apps include Zoho Cliq for team collaboration, Zoho Meeting for video conferencing and screen share up to 100 participants and Zoho Connect for task management.

Even though not included in the Zoho Workplace package, Zoho also offers various other business applications like Zoho CRM, Zoho Invoice and more which can help with different aspects of business management.

All Zoho apps are available on Android and iOS operating systems as well and can be accessed from any devices- be it Desktop, Tablets or Mobile Phones

  1. Collaborative Tools

Zoho also features various collaborative tools that boost team communication, save time and increase productivity. These tools include Zoho Clique that includes some of the capabilities offered by Slack like real-time messaging, file sharing and more.

  1. Zoho Workplace Pricing Plans

Based on your requirements, the cost of Zoho Workplace ranges from $1/user/month, $3/user/month and $6/user/month for their Mail Lite, Standard and Professional pricing plans

Check out the pricing for Zoho Workplace Productivity Suite.

  1. Technical Support

Instead of a 24/7 technical support, Zoho Workplace offers ticketing service. You can generate a new ticket and wait for the team to respond. We have not yet utilized this service but have been advised by other members about their quick response and delivery.

Additionally, they offer installation guides and in-depth user guides for each of their products.

Know more about Zoho support services

G Suite vs Zoho Features Comparison

Features G Suite Zoho
Documents Google Docs Zoho Writer
Storage Space 30 GB Easy to Use 5 GB
User Interface Easy to Use Complex
Real time Updates Yes No
Excel Google Sheet Zoho Sheet
Single Sign-on Yes No
Two way Audio Video Yes No
Support Web Browsers Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer
Cost $ 6 Per Month $ 1.35 Per Month

The Verdict

Overall, G Suite and Zoho offer similar functionalities- they both are amazing cloud-based office suites that help businesses work more efficiently.

I would also like to share that in comparison to Zoho vs G Suite, I would prefer G Suite because of its user-friendliness.

While Zoho is more budget-friendly and offers more integrations with social apps like Twitter and Facebook, Google's G Suite with its clean UI and rich User Experience is making strides and appeals to us at ContactBook more than any other productivity suites.

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