The need for contact management

Whether you are a small or large business the need to manage contacts is always the same. A lot of businesses, especially smaller ones, rely mostly on business cards, address books on their mobile phone, and their email inbox to manage their contacts. You will have a long list of customers, clients and partners and it is definitely not possible to manage everything with just your smartphone and email inbox. 

Even if you succeed in managing you will not be able to gather relevant information quickly from these details when it is required. As the number of contacts increases, you will find it more difficult to find what you want. But managing information about contacts is crucial for the success of your business.

What is contact management?

Contact management is the best solution to track and manage contacts as it will present relevant information in a clear way which will help you work efficiently. Contact management is a database with names, addresses, phone numbers, emails and all information regarding your contacts. It tracks all the details of the contacts, stores them safely and keeps an organized history of past conversations. You will be able to keep track of every customer, edit and update details regularly and track recent customer activities. All members of your organization can access this centralized contact management and have a clear view of each contact. 

You will have the complete record of phone calls and emails with the contact and you can even add additional notes about the conversation to the contact information. It will also help you to know who else from your organisation has dealt with a specific contact. By using a good contact management software you can chart out a new activity plan for each contact, view the past activities, set reminders and follow up with the contact to strengthen customer relationships. 

As all details are organized you can quickly search for information and track the interaction between your organization and the contact. By having the complete history of contacts you can easily cater to their unique needs and customers will develop trust in your organization. Then you can up-sell or cross-sell to your existing customers by recalling what products or services they have purchased already. Know everything about contact management in this detailed guide.

Benefits of using contact management system

There are many contact management systems to help businesses. The most common features a good contact management software must have is that they should be cloud-based, integrate easily with your commonly used applications, let you group contacts, add relevant notes and set reminders for meetings. Here are some of the benefits of using a contact management system for your business:

Centralized cloud-based management

A cloud-based contact management system prevents data from getting lost due to manual error or accidentally losing the device having the contact details. Anyone from the organisation can access the contact information and update details from anywhere and at any time. This feature is very beneficial when your workforce is working remotely or distributed in more than one location.

Group your contacts into categories

You can group your contacts into categories like new customers, returning customers, loyal customers, and past customers. This will help you to understand their purchasing behavior and preferences.

Integration with commonly used apps

There are many contact management apps that automatically integrate with other applications you use and pull out information about your contacts and organise them. Learn more on how to organize your gmail contacts in this comprehensive guide. Details can be gathered from emails, social media platforms, Skype, Slack etc. All information about contacts will be linked and archived and can be retrieved whenever you need it. 

Search and filter option to save time

A good contact management system provides tools for effective filtering and grouping of contacts. This feature helps you to save time by allowing you to search contacts easily by applying the relevant filters.

Add notes and reminders

You can add notes to remember the past conversation you had with the contacts and use them during follow-ups. It also helps you to easily arrange meetings, appointments and follow-ups by setting reminders.

Choose your contact management system wisely

Basically, a contact management software is like your regular contact list but with enhanced features to track and learn everything about your contacts. Some of the commonly used contact management tools by businesses are Insightly, Bitrix24, Close, Pipedrive and Freshsales. Furthermore, Pobuca Connect, Nimble, Salesmate, Instream and Zoho contact Manager are best suited for small businesses. 

Contact management is mostly enabled through a customer relationship management tool and almost all CRM software has inbuilt contact management features. But sometimes you may just need a simple tool to enhance contact management in Gmail. If you want to know more about the difference between a CRM and Contact Management System, you can read here. ContactBook is a great way to share and co-edit your Gmail contacts with other GSuite and Gmail users. It helps organisations to share contacts directly with others which is not possible with Gmail. It is one of the best contact management apps for individuals who do not wish to invest in a CRM tool.

Contact management apps like ContactBook helps boost productivity, streamlines contact sharing and automates the task of contact syncing. It will help you manage your contacts in a centralized environment and lets you access them from anywhere. Start your free trial for ContactBook and try it yourself!

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