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Whether you run a small or large business the need to manage contacts is always the same.

Many businesses rely on their smartphone and email inbox to manage their contacts. But this becomes difficult as your business grows and you will not be able to organize and manage contacts with just your smartphone and email inbox.

As your contacts increase, you will find it difficult to locate relevant information from the ever-increasing contact list. But managing contact information is indispensable for the success of your business. Contact Management System provides a solution by providing a simple and effective way to organize and manage contacts.

What is a Contact Management System?

Contact Management System is a software which lets you organize your contacts and leverage them according to the needs of your business. The main function of Contact Management System is to track all information related to each contact in your contact list and keep an organized history of all past conversations. All information about a particular contact will be linked and archived and it can be retrieved later whenever it is required.

How a Contact Management System can help your business?

You don't have to juggle between your phone contact list, email inbox and spreadsheets to retrieve contact details because you can easily view everything in one location and also search contacts with any information you have about them.

It helps your teams to collaborate easily and keep shared contacts across your organization.

It lets anyone from your organization edit contact details so that the latest contact information is available to everyone in your organization.

Benefits of Contact Management System

Group your contacts into categories

You can group your contacts into categories like a new customer, returning customer, loyal customer, and past customer. This will help you to understand their purchasing behavior and preferences.

Now you can plan different sales strategies for each group and send regular promotional offers and discounts. You can also tag contacts to indicate the level of interaction you had with them.

Save time with the Search and Filter option

The Search and Filter feature assists you to locate contacts by specific details like name, location, organization name, etc.

Normally you would have to search your entire contact list for example - to find the right customers before sending emails or making follow-up calls. Now you can easily use the Search and Filter option and search the contact in a few minutes and complete your work quickly.

Import and export contacts quickly

Import a list of contacts quickly from other locations like spreadsheets or Google Contacts. And you can also export contacts in multiple file formats to excel sheets, to another Contact Management System, or even make it printable. You can save time by importing and exporting the bulk of contacts.

Integrates with your commonly used apps

Contact Management System easily integrates with other commonly used applications like Gmail, Skype, and Slack. It pulls out contact information from these apps and adds it to your contact list.

All details of your contacts will be linked and archived automatically and it can be retrieved whenever you need it. As adding contacts is done by Contact Management System you save time because there is no manual work and problems caused by human error are also eliminated

Add relevant notes to contacts

You can also add notes to each contact for the reference. You can refer to these details and if it is shared with others, it is easier for them to refer to that detail.

Store your contacts in the cloud-based system

The Contact Management System is cloud-based and all information about your contacts, like name, address, phone number, call log, email address, and details of interactions are stored safely. Being cloud-based it allows anyone from your organization to view and update contact information from anywhere with an internet-enabled device.

You will be able to view the updated contact information immediately, as soon as it is done. This is very helpful when your workforce is distributed in more than one location. You can eliminate data loss as all information is stored in the cloud.


Contact Management System gives you easy access to all details regarding your contacts. Being cloud-based it enables you to share the stored information easily with your team which boosts the productivity of your organization.


ContactBook - A Contact Management System for Google Users

ContactBook is a simple tool that allows you to share Google Contacts. By using ContactBook you can enhance contact management in Gmail. It helps you to share contacts in a quick and easy way.

Here is the guide on “How to manage shared google contacts with ContactBook

If you are a G Suite organization, you may want to share your Gmail Contacts with your G Suite team. But G Suite doesn't allow you to share your Gmail Contacts directly. ContactBook is a great way to share and co-edit your Gmail Contacts with other G Suite members.

ContactBook helps you to share a single Gmail contact or bulk of contacts with your G Suite team in a single click. Just create a label and add contacts you need to share with your team then share the label from ContactBook.

Check out how it works

ContactBook enables you to add a new contact to Google Contacts directly from your browser by clicking on ContactBook Chrome Extension. Thus ContactBook is a very useful Contact Management solution for individuals who do not wish to invest in a CRM tool.

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