How to Improve Communication Using G Suite Collaboration Tools?

Editorial Team
September 8, 2020
How to Improve Communication Using G Suite Collaboration Tools?

Do you know that good communication is the basic building block of successful organizations?

Whether you run a small or large business G Suite will enable you to communicate well with your team and help you in operating your business efficiently.

In G Suite, the main pillars of communication are email, chat, and video calls. Most of the time you communicate with others in your organization by making a call or sending an email. Sometimes the email thread becomes very long and you may need to make a call to clarify things in a better way.

G suite allows you to make calls right from your inbox or explain your ideas by starting a chat using Chat or a video call through Meet.

Within Chat you can create a Room, a shared space, to collaborate with your team and share files through Google Docs and Drive.

Improving communication using G Suite collaboration tools

Create a smart subject line to find grouped emails easily

Gmail automatically threads all emails with the same subject, so make your subject look like a specific headline for your email message.

Now your team members can easily find all the emails related to a particular subject and they will immediately know what is there in the email by just looking at the headline in the subject.

This will help you save time as you do not have to search for emails regarding a specific subject and without opening an email you will know what information it has in it.

Use Groups to send email to your team

You can create a group (email list) for your team using Groups to send email messages about a project or task.

Instead of sending a separate email to each team member, you can send an email to the group's email address and everyone will receive it.

You can even share documents with your team in the group.

By doing this you can save time as you can share messages quickly with the right people.

Make discussions through Chat or Meet

Chat is a highly intelligent communication app which helps you to communicate with your team to share ideas and discuss a task. You can have a virtual room in Chat where you can discuss tasks with your team and hold threaded conversations.

No matter where you are working from Chat helps you to communicate and collaborate with your team easily.

With Meet you can have a video meeting with your team effortlessly at any time. You can easily manage up to 250 people in a meeting, make presentations to help people understand your ideas easily, and also record the meeting.

Have a real-time collaboration using Docs and Drive

When you work remotely and need to collaborate or edit a document with a team member you need not rely on emails alone. When you are explaining things to others you may find email threads becoming longer.

You can attach files from Google Docs to help your teammates understand your ideas. Gmail allows you to attach files up to 25 MB and for larger files, like video and design files, insert Drive files instead of sending them as attachments.

Docs allows you and your team members to work easily on the same document at the same time. You can chat, comment and get feedback within the files in real-time.

View updated reports on projects through Sheets

You will find Google Sheets to be a good tool for collaboration and each person working on a spreadsheet can enter or edit data in realtime from different locations.

You can easily store and analyze data in a flexible format using these spreadsheets.

Sheets will keep track of all the changes made and a record of all the people who made those changes. This will help you to save time and avoid the confusion that may arise in not knowing who made the changes.

Communicate events, meetings and project deadlines using Google Calendar

You can use Google Calendar as your team's project planner. In your calendar you will be able to make a note of tasks and activities and set a deadline to complete them.

When you have a shared Calendar your team members will know the work schedule of each member and you can plan meetings and events accordingly. You can use Calendar to ensure efficiency, prevent miscommunication, and work smoothly.

Convey information to all people in your organization with Google Sites

You can build a website with Google Sites to share information with everyone in your organization through the website's webpages. You will be able to embed Sheets, Docs, and Slides in the pages to share information with a large audience.

Your website will help you to update information related to your organization with all employees quickly. It can also have information for people who are not a part of your organization but are searching for information about your organization on the web. You will find Sites to be an effective tool for internal and external communication.

Share google contacts with your G Suite team using ContactBook to enable smooth communication

Contact sharing is essential for all organizations for smooth communication and you may need to share more than one contact at a time. And very often you will need to share contact information with your G Suite team.

ContactBook is a handy tool for sharing contacts and it will enable you to share a single contact or a bulk of contacts in a single click. ContactBook enables you to share your Gmail contacts easily with other Gmail users without opening your Google Contacts.

ContactBook helps you not only to share google contacts but also to manage permission so that you can allow only the right people to access contacts.


G Suite helps employees to communicate through emails, instant messaging and video conferencing and share ideas by using Docs and Drive.

G Suite collaboration tools are built to link the employees in your organization together, seamlessly and efficiently, which will encourage them to work as a team.

As G Suite offers you all the necessary apps for seamless communication and you will not have to jump between apps to communicate with your team.

As communication among team members improve you will realize that you can increase productivity and achieve more in your business.