How to search emails with attachments in Gmail

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December 4, 2020
How to search emails with attachments in Gmail

On average, professionals have more than 200 emails in their inbox and receive 120 new ones each day but respond to only 25% of them.

Every individual, whether he is a professional, or doing a job, or working as a Freelancer, majorly their morning will start by reading Emails and sorting the replies, won’t you agree?

E-mails have made our lives simple but it complicates our time, a simple example is if we have received 5 new emails, it will take nearly 20-25 mins to read and reply to each of them. Sometimes we can’t understand how to find an attachment in Gmail. We can’t miss out on work-related Emails, it is a major threat to our professionalism.

The worst-case scenario is when we are finding a mail that has some important attachments and we are unable to catch it, we spend minutes after it and still, we couldn’t find it due to ample e-mails knocking our mailbox. That will surely lead to irritation and frustration.

In such a case, we can NOT ask the sender to resend it as it will risk a Question Mark on our organized way of working also it will delay our further work, as without that particular attachment you will miss out on the data which might be important for you.

Moreover, you will be answerable and accountable to your supervisor for the same.

Can you imagine the chaos raised from being unable to find an attachment?

Thanks to G-Mail, here are easy tricks to escape this entire chaos and excel your proficiency!

Here are shortcuts regarding How to search emails with attachments in Gmail

1. Make an Efficient Use of G-Mail Search Option:

You must be aware that Google allows you to share an attachment to the maximum limit of 25 MB. The data to be shared above the said limit will be shared in the form of the link. However, you can easily share the drive link also as an attachment.

So, whether you are trying to find a file or just trying to find the link, in your over flooded inbox, you simply have to follow three steps and you will be all sorted!

In the G-Mail Search Option, you have to type either:

  • The Sender’s Name
  • Sender’s E-Mail I’d
  • File or Document Name

Once you press Enter, you will be able to see all the filters such as “Exclude Chat” “Has Attachment” “Is unread” “Any Time” “To Me”

So you can select the filter that applicable, just as the name suggests: You have to Select Exclude Chat if you don’t think that the Attachment sent to you in Google Chat or Hangouts.

Or, you can select the option of “Unread” if you think you haven’t yet opened or read that mail and you can continue finding the mail that way.

Also, the option of “Any time” is very useful, as you might be using G-Mail for a good number of years and you are receiving regular Mails with Attachment from the same sender than you can restrict the search of that particular attachment by selecting the time frame.

The “To Me” option is simple, if you think the mail was directly sent to you only and no one else was mentioned in BCC or CC then opt for this option.

P.S If you are finding an attachment it is mandatory to opt for the “Has Attachment” filter, so all extra mails from the same sender will vanish for time being and you will be shown only those e-mails that have attachments.

There is another option of Advance Search, beside the above-mentioned filters there will be a separate option for Advanced Search, you shall click that option and the entire dialogue box will open asking for the below-mentioned details:

  • From
  • To
  • Subject
  • Date
  • Has the Words
  • Doesn’t has
  • Size
  • Date

You can find all the details you have or you know and opt for an Advance search, this way it will be easy for you to find the Mail with an attachment in G-Mail.

It is one of the quickest ways to find an attachment in your Gmail.

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2. Don’t underestimate the power of Starred Mails:

If you are looking for a pro-active way to address the solution of search G-mail for attachments then you can use the option of Starred Mails.

To exercise this option you have to be attentive as soon as you receive an e-mail, you read it and feel that the mail received has an important attachment and it is crucial for me for further reference.

All you have to do is to “Star Mark” that option and you can refer to it whenever you want just by clicking on the option of starred emails.

In the mail list, you will find the Star Mark option right before the sender’s name and if you have opened the mail, Star will appear on your extreme right, besides the time mentioned in the mail.

Whenever you want to refer to starred mails, it will be displayed right below the INBOX button on your G-Mail Account.

3. Labels can also help you:

The next option to find attachments in G-mail is to use labels. A lot of people don’t use this option as they are not aware of its fruitfulness.

Just as the name suggests this option is simple you have to label your Emails in the way you want. Either you can label your Emails in the offer of priority or you can do it based on projects you are managing or you can manage it month-wise.

For instance, if you are creating labels based on priority, you first need to create different labels that define priority as Urgent, Not os Urgent, Important, or Less Important.

To create 4 labels, below the Inbox tab you will find several other options as Starred, Snoozed, Send, Draft, Outbox; you have to scroll to the bottom and select the option of CREATE LABELS. As soon as you click it you will be required to name that label, e.g. You created label “URGENT”

After that whenever you received mail while reading the mail, on the header line you will find an option of labeling from there you just have to click and select the label name. That particular mail will be categorized as important and whenever you search that particular label you will find all the emails under that label in one search.

Summing Up:

The first condition to work professionally is to maintain an organized working pattern. When you fail to maintain an organized way of working, you will end up messing with everything.

That is not affordable in any career. Start using these hacks and save yourself from a messy G-mail account, keep things sorted, and work glitch-free.