The Ultimate Contact Management System for Real Estate

Editorial Team
April 18, 2022
The Ultimate Contact Management System for Real Estate

In the dynamic & competitive business era of the 21st century managing a database of previous, existing & prospective clients is an inevitable challenge. Regardless of the business nature, every entrepreneur needs to map out their contacts to ensure successful, thriving & profitable operations. Customer contacts are a priceless business asset. 

Are you a Startup, SME, or MNC seeking a system that can assist you to administer, update & keep business contacts intact? Are you looking for a cost-effective, everlasting & effortlessly operated system? Are you a Realtor struggling with your clients' contact management? 

If Yes, All you need is a right Contact Management System in place!

What is a Contact Management System?

A Contact Management System or CMS as largely known is simply a software program to build & handle business contacts smoothly. 

“It takes months to find a customer….seconds to lose one.” - Vince Lombardi

Identifying the most suitable Contact Management System can help you retrieve any client information in the blink of an eye thereby making it easy to gain & retain customers. It’s like your one-stop contact house with all your contacts accumulated under one roof offering you contact integration to track all information & activities associated with contacts.

In a marketplace that is flourishing as fast as Real Estate, there is a consistent movement of clients on an everyday basis. Amidst all the business chaos organizing contacts to follow up with clients & keep the sales funnel up-to-date might all seem so ceaseless & impossible. 

Imagine flipping the pages of your contact book or scrolling through thousands of contacts on your digital spreadsheet to find one contact number. Doesn’t that sound tedious & unorganized? 

Moreover, in the current scenario of a fast-paced business environment holding onto a stack of business cards is not only impossible but also impractical. CMS can help you eliminate all the hustle without the need to backup your contacts every time you change your smartphone. 

Happy clients are more likely to recommend you to others without any hesitation, especially in the commercial real estate business. Make your customers happier, attract more business & steer clear of the competition with CMS. 

Benefits of Contact Management Software for Real Estate Agents

Sustaining & Growing in the Real Estate industry is no child’s play. Your clients & your relationship equation with them is what decides the fate of your business success. The incorporation of Contact Management Software for Realtors has innumerable benefits. 

  1.  Locate the right contact at the right time in the right place which in turn curtails the time & effort wasted in manually searching it. The team could wisely utilize the saved time to acquire a new sale. 
  1. The Contact Management Software for Real Estate Agents offers indispensable ease, comfort & productivity in the sales funnel once the team gets grooved to its application.
  1. Brokers & Realtors can get access to a clutter-free address book that wipes out the issue of duplication of contacts. A Contact Management Software like ContactBook is one of the top CRM alternatives for real estate agents. 
  1. The well-organized contact information of existing & prospective clients eliminates the need for manual search in the spreadsheet & makes it easier for real estate agents to quickly respond to an inquiry.
  1. Contact Management Software provides liberty to the realtors to include notes, reminders & other important data that helps streamline the lead qualification, multiply the sales efforts & get accurate analytics & reporting.
  1. Present-day Contact Management Software for Realtors is well-equipped with configurable auto-responders to respond faster to customer inquiries. Agents can have preset messages tailored to the specific actions taken by the customer. This ensures that no inquiry is missed even when the agents are not physically able to respond.
  1. As per Shantanu Narayen, CEO of Adobe, customer retention is the new “growth”. Retaining customers is as crucial as acquiring new customers. CMS helps to automate a majority of the repetitive tasks thereby offering a breathing space to the brokers to be more productive & efficient in the sales cycle.

Top Contact Management Software for Real Estate

End your search for the best contact management software for your real estate business. Let’s dive into some of the top CMS options that you can consider to reap the benefits mentioned above.

Best Contact Management Software for Free

  1. Pipedrive
    A cloud-based contact management software that is free. Real estate agents can get 24*7 access to the entire contact history, emails, calls all under one roof. Brokers can get full visibility of the different sales pipelines with simultaneous management of sales conversations from their preferred inbox. Call directly from the web, get access to progress reports for each deal with complete details, track the pending activities in the property buying process, etc. 
  1. HubSpot
    This is a Free Contact Management & Database software. The features enable real estate agents to sell faster & better by adding contacts in a single click, logging sales activities & updating the records automatically without any extra maintenance. This is an ideal CRM for real estate that helps to keep all the systems unified in one place. Manage everything on a single screen ranging from access to contact details, inquiries to communication history, activities, etc.
  1. Freshsales
    An all-in-one package for outlining complete details of sales & marketing contacts in your database. The functionality of this software makes it possible for realtors to track contacts communication, boost customer inquiries, evolve long-lasting customer relationships & unify data to close a house sale. Locate details of all leads, customers & deals in one place to avoid inefficiencies in communication.
  1. Keap
    Convert your leads into your loyal customers with this Free Contact Management Software that organizes & manages all your contacts. The automatic lead capture feature is one-of-a-kind helping real estate agents to gather a list of contacts from landing pages, social media & lead forms so that no lead goes missed or unattended. Keap mobile app makes it easier for brokers to find everything in one place, take action promptly & strengthen the automation process by tagging & segmenting every contact quickly.

Best Contact Management Software for SMEs

  1. Buildium
    Willing to take your real estate business online but confused about the appropriate tools? Buildium could be your foolproof contact management partner. Whether you are a commercial or residential proprietor, take full control of every aspect of your business in terms of rent, vacancy, maintenance & repair, leasing, rent records, tenant screening, etc. along with a full property report at your disposal. A contact management software offering features for both property owners & tenants. 
  1. Nutshell
    This CMS tool imports data from any source to help realtors access up-to-date information. Synchronize contacts from your phone or scan business cards or collect leads from the website or browse the internet & social media accounts for precise data, name it & nutshell will minimize your efforts. 
  1. Cloze
    It’s a built-in sales automation software with contact management functionality. Two-way email sync, built- in calling & SMS, extensive search, hosting in-app zoom meetings & adding the recording under a particular client for future reference are some of its many features that attract real estate agents. Get all the information related to a deal & prospect without the need to scroll through all your contacts. 
  1. Freshworks
    Incorporate a Contact Management Software that is used by 50,000+ companies globally. Enjoy automated contact data entry & organize your contacts to nurture a lasting relationship with your customers. This software can be integrated with Google Workspace for better & flexible application. Real estate agents can easily track & manage all property-related sales activities to obtain a 360-degree view of individual owners.
  1. ContactBook
    ContactBook is one of the best contact management software for realtors. Export your contacts with easy Google Workspace integration & sync all your contacts for on-the-go information. Real estate agents & brokers can enjoy a wide range of features like a clutter-free address book with no duplicated contacts, collaboratively managing & sharing contacts, adding important notes & documents to better organize the contacts & a lot more. To know more visit:
  1. LeadSquared
    Want to sell more properties? Invest in LeadSquared CMS which helps real estate agents to capture & analyze leads from marketing campaigns. Secure property inquiries easily from different campaigns including digital ads, social ads, traditional ads, websites, real estate marketplaces, etc. Get an analysis of which campaigns are doing well on which platforms & optimize them accordingly.
  1. Zoho
    A centralized address book to maintain all the contacts & obtain an all-inclusive view of the communication with them. Real Estate brokers can take notes regarding specific contacts based on the email or call conversations & then apply this information to improve their sales efforts. Set up real-time notifications & get real-time insights in one click for your real estate business.

Henceforth, the best contact management for realtors is the one that offers holistic management of the sales funnel: import & export contacts, record notes, set reminders, search & filter contacts & a lot more, all of which helps to streamline the sales cycle by acquiring new clients & retaining existing ones. 

Cut to the chase & make your pick today to manage your extensive real estate business skillfully.