Why Should You Use Google Contacts Backup?

Editorial Team
April 20, 2022
Why Should You Use Google Contacts Backup?

Can you imagine a day without access to your contacts? Is it possible to manage your business empire without contacts? Wouldn’t life feel stagnant if you lost your contact list?

In the fast-paced life of the 21st century, the availability of contacts at your fingertips is the firefighter. Gone are the days of maintaining a physical contact diary that was hand-written & carefully preserved on a shelf for years. 

It has become a thing of the past in the present technology-driven lifestyle that everyone is accustomed to. Locating & Retrieving contacts from anywhere & everywhere at one click is the need of the hour.

Every time you change your phone do you worry about the backup of your contacts? Of Course, everyone does! A fast, reliable & uncomplicated solution is all you need. Put your search to a halt with Google Contacts at your disposal.

Is Google Contacts Secure

Unlike your manual contact book, Google contacts is not just an address book, there’s much more to it. There’s a pool of functionalities that this tool offers. Whether you are a personal user or you intend to put it to organizational use, Google contacts works just fine to suit either purpose. 

Organizations that have G-suite incorporated in their daily operations, find it easier to access Google contacts with its free & flexible interface. Backup your contacts without any obstacle in a secured manner on Google Contacts, a contact management service developed by Google. If you are an SME this could be the most convenient, budget-friendly & straightforward contact management tool. 

Do you wonder what’s the significance of backing up your contacts on google?

Imagine you accidentally deleted a contact on your phone or that you lost all your phone data due to a malfunction or your phone was under some attack by the hackers. Does the thought itself scare the wits out of you & stress you?

Definitely, it does, which is why Google Contacts could be your most secure, constant & handy solution. 

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Importance of Adopting Google Contacts for Backup:

  1. Simplifies every task because of its easy connectivity with all other Gmail applications. Get access to all your updated contacts on one email server at all times to plan & organize your work smoothly.
  1. Integrating Google Contacts for professional use can save time for the entire team. You can grant permission to automatically share all your contacts with your team. They can access & manage your contacts by adding & updating them. 
  1. Google Contacts can foster productivity in your organization with the following functionalities:
  • Delete old contacts & stay up-to-date with an updated contact list when anyone changes their email address or contact number.
  • Create a group for those whom you email regularly or frequently to avoid scrolling through the phone directory.
  • Need to locate the contact of any of your teammates? Consider it done with Google Contacts which assists you to find the contact details of anyone inside your organization.
  • Import & export your contacts to keep your list clean.
  1. Save your contacts, classify them as per different needs & backup your contacts all on a single drive with ease. 
  1. All sensitive information related to client contact details can be saved without any loopholes & the entire team has access to all the data required to contact a client.

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How can ContactBook be a Backup Alternative?

Like every coin has two sides, technological advancements also have their downfall. Google Contacts has well-advanced functionalities but when it comes to technology no one can predict the downsides. 

There are a couple of reasons for the loss of Google Contacts such as:

  1. Synchronization & Misconfiguration often leads to loss of data without any obvious signs.
  2. Hackers are highly proficient these days to get into an extremely secured system with progressive tools at their disposal.
  1. Simple & accidental human error can also lead to misplaced or complete loss of your contacts.

In such situations, there are 3 ways to take your backup:

  1. Manual Backup: The easiest yet time-consuming method is to export contacts & save them yourself. Save the most recent CSV file every month & keep your contacts secure enough. 
  1. Google’s Built-In Time Machine: This time machine for your Google Contacts offers a basic backup option. You don’t need to turn on anything, it takes backup automatically. Recovering contacts is thus easy but this could also be detrimental. It doesn’t reflect the new contacts that you added & also retains the deleted contacts for 30 days. 
  1. ContactBook: ContactBook can be your savior & help you in managing your contacts on the go with its powerful contact management system on both personal & professional levels. 

You can easily sync your contacts with its transparent, effortless & free mobile application for both Android & iOS users.

ContactBook also offers features like adding notes & documents for better contact management, central management of contacts with your team, no duplicate contacts & much more. 

Click https://www.contactbook.app, familiarize yourself with ContactBook & choose it for your contact backup today. 

Get started on Google Contacts Backup if you still haven’t & choose ContactBook as your primary alternative.