Add contacts using VCF files

Now add all your .vcf files contacts to ContactBook by drag and drop your .vcf file.

Step 1: On your PC Go to ContactBook, And Log In with your account.

Step 2: Click on Import Contacts > Upload .vcf file or Drag & Drop your .vcf file or Click on Settings > Import Contacts > Upload .vcf file or Drag & Drop your .vcf file.


Step 3: Find and Select the .vcf file from your device and Double Click on it. (Upload It)

Step 4: Now .vcf File Contacts are Imported so you can start managing your contacts by clicking on Contacts.

Step 5: Yah! Your .vcf File Contacts are imported to ContactBook. And, Ready to manage and share with others!

Note: Check the Space before importing Contacts If you are using Multiple Spaces.

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