Two-way Google Sync: Create a Google Space to keep shared Google Contacts

If you are looking to share your Google Contacts with other Gmail and Google Workspace accounts, this will help you. If you are a new user, you will directly get access to Google Space when you login with a Google Account.


- Google Workspace/Gmail Account

Step 1: Login to ContactBook using your Google Account (You should use your Google Workspace admin account or a Gmail account which will be considered your main account)

Step 2: If you have an existing account on ContactBook, you can see this icon on the left bottom which will allow you to switch to a Google Space.


Step 3: Authenticate when there is Google Prompt. Allow ContactBook the permissions which are required to keep contacts in sync with Google

Step 4: Once you authorize, your Google Space will be created and all your Google Contacts and labels will be synced and be visible on ContactBook. You can then share labels to other Google accounts which will get synced to their Google Contacts.

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