Top 10 Benefits of G suite (now Google Workspace) for Business

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October 13, 2020
Top 10 Benefits of G suite (now Google Workspace) for Business

Have you ever wondered why many businesses switch to G Suite?

Whether you run a small or big business G Suite offers your business some of the most versatile and useful apps. From business email hosting to video conferencing G Suite has everything you need to manage and run your business. You can read this detailed G Suite guide.

One main reason for you to choose G Suite for your business is that most people working in your organization may already be using Gmail, Google Docs, and other Google apps. The transition to G Suite will be easy for them and you do not have to waste time explaining the software tools they need to use for productivity and collaboration.

G Suite offers you some of the best tools for communication, collaboration, security, and organization, and these tools are needed by almost all businesses.

Most of the tools and services offered to you in G Suite are free and that makes G Suite affordable even if you run just a small business. When you are running a small business and managing it with a limited budget you can't afford to purchase and install appropriate software because it incurs additional expenses.

But you can simply subscribe to G Suite and sign up easily and it will provide you with a set of highly efficient productivity and communication tools that are free of cost and cloud-based. You may think that pricing is the most important reason for businesses to choose G Suite but there are many other reasons that sweeten the deal.

The biggest benefits of G Suite for your business 

Domain-based email

G Suite enables your business to have your own email address at your own domain. With G Suite all employees in your organization will have a professional email address and your organization will own these email accounts used by your employees.

The best thing is all employees in your organization will have a customized email address at your own domain and also the email address looks more professional than

If you are running a small business it is really a huge benefit to have custom email addresses at your own domain. Furthermore, having your own domain name will help you to promote your company and build trust with customers.

Another advantage is when an employee leaves your organization you can control and access the employee's email in G Suite. Once the employee leaves he will lose access to his email account and the files attached to it but you will not lose any files.

Increased storage space

You will get a huge storage space where you can retain a large number of emails and upload large files like images and documents. The Basic plan of G Suite itself gives 30GB of storage space for each employee in your organization. If you opt for Business or Enterprise plans you will get unlimited storage space.

If you have less than 5 users in your organization each user will get 1TB of storage space. The biggest benefit of Google Drive, the storage location of G Suite, is the content search feature. If you are able to remember just one single word from a file you can still trace and access the file easily by entering that word in the search box.

As G Suite is cloud-based you can access the stored data from any location at any time and you can save the storage space in your device and use it for other purposes.

Multiple email addresses

G Suite allows you to give your employees an option to possess multiple email addresses through creating email aliases. You can add up to 30 email aliases for an employee's email address and all emails sent to an employee's email aliases will be delivered to the same email account. By using aliases your employees will be able to keep their inbox organized and receive emails without disclosing their identity.

If you are running multiple businesses and managing different brands within your organization, you may have separate domains for each business or brand.

G Suite allows you to have one domain as the primary domain and add other domains as domain aliases.

The domain name with which you signed up for G Suite will be your primary domain and you can add up to 20 domain aliases to your G Suite account.

Each employee in your organization will get an email address at the primary domain and also at domain alias. Your employees will be able to send and receive emails from both addresses at no extra cost.

Improved team collaboration

G Suite enables your team members to collaborate on the same document in real-time. Your team members will be able to collaborate and work simultaneously on Docs, Sheets, and Slides and make necessary changes by commenting and editing.

You can set access rules for the users so that you will have control over who can view, edit, or share the document. You will be able to view the document in real-time and note the changes made to it as your team members edit it. As G Suite is cloud-based all changes made are recorded in the version history and you will be able to view the older versions of a document at any time. 

You can easily view when and by whom the changes were made to the document. You can also collaborate on a document with people outside your organization and send files back and forth without purchasing and installing additional software.

What’s great is that if you want to enhance your contact sharing capabilities you can use third party contact management apps like ContactBook.

ContactBook lets you share contacts with Gmail and G Suite team members effortlessly. All you have to do is simply connect your google account to ContactBook using Google sync and share all your contacts with other Gmail & G Suite users in a matter of seconds.

If you want to learn more about how you can share Google Contacts with other Gmail users using ContactBook, checkout this blog.

You can share a single contact or create multiple contact groups and share it with as many Gmail and G Suite users as you like. Not only this, you can grant access permissions for the shared contact labels like who can view, edit, share and delete the contacts.

You can try ContactBook for free with their 14-Day free trial and change the way you manage your contacts.

Offline capabilities

Many people in your organization may not know how to use G Suite offline. You can access your Gmail, Drive, and Calendar from the cloud and work on them even while you are offline.

Before you access your files offline your G Suite administrator must enable offline access through the Google Admin Console dashboard. Before you start to work on your files you should enable offline access in your Drive settings.

You will be able to create, edit, and comment in the offline mode. Your work and changes will automatically get synced to the cloud once you reconnect with the internet.

Similarly in Gmail also you can read, write, and search email messages in offline mode. You should enable Gmail offline in your Gmail settings before you access Gmail offline.

Gmail automatically updates Gmail messages once your online connection is established.

Access control

G Suite provides your admin the power to control the users who are accessing your organization's data. Your G Suite admin can use the context-aware access control over the apps in G Suite which a user can access.

You can set access levels based on the user's identity, location, IP address, security status, and the device used. You can also control the users by letting them access data only from your organization owned device or corporate IP address.

When you are collaborating with people outside your organization you can provide access only to those from a particular organization or those whose desktop device is encrypted.

By using access control you can quickly detect suspicious device activity, suspicious logins, phishing, and unauthorized access to data stored in the Drive.

Video conferencing

Google Meet offers you all the features needed for hosting video conferences and webinars. It includes notable features like recording options, screen sharing, and the ability to dial into a video conference by phone.

When you host a video meeting you will be able to share spreadsheets, documents, files, digital presentations, and anything else you want to share with the people in the meeting.

You only need to send a link to the invitees to join the meeting and when the meeting is going on you will be able to view how many people have joined the meeting.

You can also invite people to the meeting through Google Calendar by creating an event, entering the email addresses of the invitees, and then pasting the meeting link.

If anyone invited to the meeting is not able to join via video feed they can still join the meeting through the phone.

The additional benefit of using Google Meet is you save money by not spending it on another video conferencing service.

Shared calendar

Google Calendar will help you to stick to your schedule, manage your work, stay organized by scheduling calls, and setting due dates and reminders for all the projects.

You can even set the calendar to email the day's tasks and events to you every morning. The best feature of Calendar is it allows you to create multiple calendars. You can share different calendars with different groups of people in your organization.

You can create group calendars for teams to notify about events and only those with whom you share the calendar will be able to view it. You can easily hide or show calendars and switch between the different calendar views by clicking on the dropdown menu.

You can create a calendar that will be publicly available so that your customers will know what your organization has scheduled.

Enhanced data security and Privacy

All the vital information about your business will be in the Drive and all the data in Drive will be stored securely in the cloud. You don't have to keep all files and documents in your device as you can access it from the cloud.

Sometimes you may lose your device accidentally and worry about losing data that is stored in your device. But when your data is stored in the cloud you need not worry about losing it even if your device is lost.

Your information is stored securely in data centers around the world which have custom-designed servers for better security and performance. Even when your server fails unexpectedly you don't have to fear losing the data as all information remains safely in the cloud.

This is very useful when you have a remote team and all team members are accessing the data from different locations. G Suite has a dedicated team of security professionals who stand behind your data and protect it.

G Suite security is quite powerful and all the data that you store is protected by layers of encryption and verification. G Suite has a two-step verification process to ensure that all devices connected to your network are verified through phone and email.

You do not have to worry about privacy as Google does not scan, collect, or use your organisation's data for any purposes including advertising. You will not be seeing any ads in any of the G Suite products and you will be owning your data.

Support 24/7

You will be having 24/7 support from G Suite's service providers through phone, email, and live chat. If you are new to G Suite you can be confident that you will get immediate help in solving unexpected problems and issues.

Only G Suite admins can access the support section and phone support in English is provided continuously throughout the year. Whenever you experience a problem just dial a number and a person is ready to help you with a solution.

Collaborate with teams and share contacts effortlessly using G suite

G Suite is a powerful platform with great collaboration, communication, productivity and contact management tools which help you to run your business smoothly and efficiently.

G Suite is a secure cloud-based platform with a suite of software that is easy to use and helps you and your team members to work smarter and faster. Regardless of the type of business you manage, G Suite will help you to complete your tasks with ease and achieve success.

And with contact management tool like ContactBook you can simplify the process of sharing your Gmail contacts with other G Suite team members and manage shared contacts for G Suite and Gmail easily. Get started with ContactBook’s 14-Day Free trial. 


Q. Is Google Workspace better than G Suite?

A. Google Workspace is the new name for G Suite with some updates and new features, so there is no significant functional difference. Individual needs and preferences determine whether one is superior to the other.

Q. What is the difference between G Suite Basic and G Suite business?

A. Google offers two productivity suites: G Suite Basic and G Suite Business. G Suite Business includes more features and has more storage space than G Suite Basic. G Suite Business is more expensive, but it is better suited for larger organisations or those with more complex needs.

Q. What is included in the G Suite business?

A. G Suite Business is a business-oriented cloud-based productivity and collaboration tool. It includes Gmail, Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Meet, Calendar, Forms, and Sites, as well as advanced security and administrative controls.

Q. Is G Suite for business free?

A. G Suite is not free for business use, it is a paid suite of productivity tools developed by Google.